Brilliance in Blogging Awards #BiBs

It’s that time of year again where the blogging world goes Award crazy. We’ve just seen the final nominations take place for the MADS and now it’s the turn of The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (otherwise known as the BiBs).


The BiBs are run by BritMums and highlight the best of parent blogging. It’s an opportunity to recognise the most creative, inventive and compelling blogging of the year!

There are 16 categories you can nominate in in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, ranging from the Fresh Voice Award which celebrates newbies in the blogging world (hint hint ahem!) to Outstanding Blogger Award, which celebrates blogs that capture your attention and won’t let go.

Nominations for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards are open till 12th April and then 16 people will be chosen in each category to be included in the shortlist. This will be made up of the 11 with the most nominations, and 5 chosen by BritMums. The shortlist will then be announced on 22 April and the blogging community can then vote for their favorites on the shortlist until 12th May. 6 finalists will be chosen in each category (4 with the most votes and 2 chosen by BritMums) and these will be announced on 22nd May. Winners are then announced on the evening of 21 June 2013 at BritMums Live!

I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and have come across some truly inspiring, friendly and helpful bloggers. I always find it hard with such awards as I often would like to give an award to many and to only pick one in each category is so hard. However, I have sat and thought long and hard and have made my nominations.

This time last year as all the awards were happening I was a newbie so I just joined in the voting side of things but this year I’m established and would be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to be included myself. So, having made my votes I will now make a shameless plea myself, if you are still looking to vote I would love it if you would consider me for any of the below categories. Thank you and good luck to everyone!



The Joy of Swimming

When I saw that BritMums were hosting a  Joy of Swimming Competition, sponsored by British Gas I just knew I had to take part, so here’s my entry


One of my first ever posts on my blog was entitled Baby Swimming an Amazing and Most Valuable Life Lesson. In this post I documented the importance of taking your baby swimming from an early ages and the benefits it has.

As a child I was born (in the 1970’s) without a ball joint in my hip and a shallow socket (DDH). I was a bit of a complicated and problematic case and the doctors recommended my mum took me swimming every day as it was the best form of exercise for me and would help to strengthen my muscles and potentially help a ball joint to form, without exerting too much pressure on my joints or young body.

My mum did exactly as the doctors ordered and took me swimming most days for a year and then continued to take me several times a week after that for years. The swimming did in fact help me, it didn’t correct everything but that is a whole different story, but it helped.

I absolutely LOVED going swimming, you could say I was a true water baby! The staff at the local leisure centre knew me well and I actually took my first steps in the cafe there when I was two years old. Once I could walk, there was no stopping me, I dragged my mum from the carpark to the changing rooms every time in total excitement!

The local press were interested in my story at the time and came to take pictures of my mum and I and this is a key memory I have so I thought I would share the picture they took with you. (Wasn’t I a cutie???)


Every year we would go on holiday to the Lake District too and the complex would have a swimming pool. I would drag my parents to the pool before we had even had chance to check in and we couldn’t leave without one last trip to the pool before we headed home (even if it meant soggy swimming costumes in the back of the car and the smell of chlorine all the way)! I was lucky enough to take my daughter to the same place for her first holiday last year and the first thing I did was take her swimming in true family tradition!

Over the years I have regularly taken part in Swimathon’s to raise money for charitable causes, the most recent being back in 2008 when I raised money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. My disability has deteriorated in recent years and gym work outs and walking any distance just aren’t possible so swimming remains the one thing I can do to keep fit as the water supports my body. If I were to win the lottery my one wish would be to be able to buy a house with a swimming pool, if I could do that I would swim morning and night and encourage my children to swim with me too. In fact, I think I may have a mermaid gene in me somewhere down the line!?

Needless to say, as you can see I am unbelievably pro swimming, (as my previous post shows). I had my daughter signed up to a local WaterBabies class before she was even born and we started the lessons at 6 months! To watch my daughter swim under water for the  first time was incredible, and I was thrilled when she mastered the life-saving hold on technique whiich would enable her to hold on to the side of a pool should she fall in.


I think teaching children to have confidence in the water and overall, teaching them to swim, is one of the most valuable life lessons and skills that you can give to them and I would recommend taking your child swimming from an early age to anyone. My previous post has a lot of links to research and stats regarding the benefits of swimming, it highlights how it can help children’s development potential in later life, their balance and obviously safety and life saving aspects of reducing the chances of drowning so please do take the time to have a read.

If this wasn’t motivation enough for you, as part of their support for British Swimming British Gas are offering everyone the chance to enjoy free swims and a range of other exciting activities this summer. Just hop on over to their site to find out what activities are on offer in your area.