Hip Check Update

Regular readers to my blog will know that we have been on quite a journey with hip dysplasia in our family, with me having been born with it and now being disabled and my youngest daughter having been treated for it at birth too.

My little girl’s treatment for dysplasia took the form of a Pavlick Harness, which she wore for several weeks not long after she was born. This seemed to improve her condition and she was eventually able to reduce the amount of time that she wore it for before finally no longer needing it.

Since then we have quarterly / 6 monthly check ups to keep an eye on her hips and check they are developing correctly.

We recently had our latest check and I’m pleased to report that her hips are looking good and developing well. The consultant said they are pretty perfect in fact and he’s really pleased. We have to see him again in 4-6 months as standard but thankfully everything is looking good.

After everything I have experienced I am so, so pleased that my little girl hasn’t had to go down the road that I have. I am so impressed as to how well the Pavlick Harness has worked and can’t thank the charity STEPS for their continued support.

Little Girl is on the move and looking really good and for that I am so thankful and so happy.



  1. yay! So happy it has all worked so well x

  2. Great result! You must be very pleased! :-)

  3. That is wonderful news.

  4. I am so glad everything is alright now. Our younger daughter was referred for a scan soon after she was born for hip dysplasia. Honestly, I never came across this term until that moment. Though I was deeply praying for her to be alright, I did ask the doctor the answers for “What if”! Thankfully, it was all cleared in the scan itself and sh didn’t need any further treatment.

    I can totally understand how as a mum we would feel! I am so happy for you and your little daughter and it is lovely to see her on her first steps :)

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