And She’s Off – First Steps

My Little Girl (no longer ‘baby girl’) has been standing herself up and cruising the furniture for some time now and we’ve all been eagerly awaiting her first steps.

We were sure that she was going to be a lot quicker in walking than her big sister, but despite waiting nothing had happened and I was starting to think we may end up waiting just as long. Big sis had been 17 months before she finally started walking.

However in the last month Little Girl took a couple of tentative steps over a couple of days and we knew it wouldn’t be long before she was going to be off. She hurtles around the house with her walkers and is a lot faster than her sister was. In fact we have to jump out of the way sometimes or she will take our feet out!

This last week we’ve crossed the boundary though. The couple of tentative steps have turned into 6-8 steps across the living room one day, 8-10 steps across a hall at a birthday party the next and then a few more each day after that. Little Girl is well and truly off and walking!


She is so pleased with herself and loving her new found freedom! I am soooo going to need eyes in the back of my head! We’ve nicknamed her Bear Grhylls as she has no fear at all. She climbs the slide in the garden and play equipment in parks and I am sure one day I am going to find her stood on the dining room table! Totally different to her sister who was content to sit and read a book and still to this day isn’t adventurous.

The last week alone has seen her fall on her nose and her head with resulting in very minor bumps, but each time she gets on back up and keeps going. She’s one resilient little thing bless her.

I’m thrilled that she has taken such a big developmental step (excuse the pun) and I am excited to watch her start to run around and play with her sister and friends. Exciting times ahead!


  1. They sound exactly like mine, Archie is already better at climbing than Dylan and has no fear! Congratulations little girl on walking!

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