Body Shop for Mother and Baby

Skin can be a delicate thing, whether it’s our own or that of our children we want to protect and nourish it best we can.

I have long been a fan of The Body Shop and have tried a range of body moisturisers from the body shop including their Coconut and Morenga body butter’s, which smell divine.

So when I was recently contacted by the lovely people at The Body Shop and asked if I would like to try some products how could I refuse?

I was very kindly sent three products to try, Honeymania Body Butter for myself, Buriti Baby Body Butter for Baby Girl and some Born Lippy Passion Berry lip balm for Toddler Girl.

body shop

Toddler Girl couldn’t wait to try the Born Lippy Passion Berry Lip Balm and wanted to open the pot straight away to take a look. It smells gorgeous and is fabulously rich in colour.

body shop born lippy

Whilst it is designed to  moisturise and condition lips it also has a purple tint…. which leads me to….

body shop lip balm

lesson number 1… don’t leave your toddler alone with tinted lip balm for too long….

All this in the minute I was in the kitchen getting the girls teas! I had to explain to toddler girl that less is more and that we only need a tiny bit! It did make me laugh though.

I’ve been using the Honeymania Body Butter on a night  and I have to admit honey is not a fragrance I would normally opt for as I find it can often be a bit overpowering, but this isn’t at all like that. The fragrance is fairly subtle, but enough to note and like all the Body Shop Butter’s a little can go a long way and leave your skin feeling really moisturised and silky soft

honeymania body butter

honeymania body butter

Each pot contains Community Fair Trade Honey and has a lovely buttery texture.

I never knew that body Shop actually did baby specific products (tut tut I know) so to try the Buriti Baby Body Butter has been great as I’ve been looking for something new.

The Buriti Baby Body Butter is enriched with Buriti Oil from the Amazon, which has a rich emollient action which can soothe and heal. It also contains Aloe, which can, amongst many things, speed up the rate of healing for skin injuries and can treat sunburn, psoriasis and eczema. It also contains Glycerin, which can treat and prevent dry skin and skin irritations. Shea Butter also helps to nourish and heal the skin as it’s full of vitamins and minerals too.

body shop baby

Unlike the Honeymania the Buriti baby Body Butter has a softer, lighter (and almost jellyish) feel. It’s lovely and soft and has a really light, fresh subtle scent to it too.

body shop buriti baby

I’ve been using it on baby girl and toddler girl and both have been fine. The only time there was a slight issue however was when toddler girl had really sore dry skin around her mouth. I popped it on thinking it would soothe but she got upset and said it was burning her so I took it off straight away. She does however have really, really sensitive skin on her face. It’s been fine on the rest of her body so I think this is just her sensitivity to it and how sore her skin was. Overall it has been lovely to use and I will certainly try the rest of the range when I next need to stock up on bath products.

From being a teenager covering a Christmas job in my local Body Shop to a mum of two I still love The Body Shop products. Do you have a favourite? Have you tried the rest of the Buriti range? I’d love to hear your views



  1. I love body shop but have never used their baby range before, I will have to go instore to have a sniff!

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