Long, Long Days

Sunday evening and she collapsed onto the sofa with a sigh of relief. It had been four days since she had seen her husband, four long, long days! A pattern that frequently occurs with work commitments. However with baby girl now on the move and increasingly into everything, being on her own for long periods of time was starting to take its toll! Not only on her physically with her reduced mobility but also on her sanity!

The four days had involved two disturbed nights with baby girl crying and toddler girl scared of the dark, two early morning drop offs at nursery in order to get to work, two calls from the nursery to collect a poorly baby girl, an SOS call to grandma for help on one of these occasions, two late returns home from work and as a consequence two quick bedtimes, as well as two birthday parties and a ballet class. In amongst all this three loads of washing and ironing and several rounds of tidying the house before baby girl once again demolishes it all in her current whirlwind of chaos. Repeatedly stopping baby girl from pulling the washing off the airer and trying hard to prepare meals and drinks whilst baby girl clung to her leg like a limpet! The added weight of which wasn’t easy when only one of her legs works properly!

This evening alone baby girl had got all the toys back out that had just been tidied away for bedtime and was climbing on the sofa over and over again (a new trick she has only just learnt today). Despite being caught mid fall on several occasions, a couple still managed to slip through the net, it didn’t stop her from getting back up and doing it all again however. Relentless in her desire to explore, and very different to her older sister who is content to sit with a book and always has been, baby girl can often now be found balancing on the sofa arm, hanging upside down from the sofa and swinging on the stair gate. With baby girl taking no for an answer this evening, and a potential accident looming, she decided to call it a night and take both girls up to bed.

Recent bedtimes have been particularly hectic and hardly the relaxing bedtime experience that she has always tried so hard to instill. Both girls get over excited and become hyperactive and the whole serene, calming bedtime goes out of the window. Last night the Tesco delivery driver decided to call two hours earlier than booked and just as she was about to lower baby girl into the bath, so she had to leave her bare bottomed girls playing in toddler girls bedroom and dash downstairs. As she raced through to the kitchen with the dozens of bags (why do they only put two items in a bag???) a little voice from upstairs shouted “mummy my poo poo is coming, it’s coming now”. Quickly dumping the bags and asking the delivery driver to hold on she dashed back upstairs to help toddler girl onto the toilet and checked on baby girl before hurrying back downstairs to grab the remaining items and quickly throw things into the fridge and freezer.

Returning upstairs she discovered baby girl had got her hands on a slice of Nutella on toast that her sister had brought upstairs and both baby girl and toddler girls duvet were covered in chocolate! She quickly tended to poor toddler girl who was sat patiently on the toilet, before grabbing wipes and tackling baby girl before the chocolate ended up anywhere else. She then stripped the bed and remade it before getting both girls into the bath. After a hyperactive bath time and enough splashing to re-enact Niagra Falls she attempted to calm the evening down. However baby girl had other ideas and fought hard to avoid getting dressed. After a short battle she curled up on the bed with both girls to try to read a story and give baby girl her bottle. But once again baby girl had other ideas fighting out of her arms and jumping around on the bed, making a relaxing bedtime story impossible, to which toddler girl wasn’t impressed. She whisked baby girl up and carried her into her dimly lit bedroom to try and calm her down enough to give her her bottle, but protests ensued and an hour and a half later baby girl was still battling her sleep and her cries echoed through the monitor.

A similar bedtime was once again had this evening but this time, having nipped downstairs to get baby girl’s bottle while the bath was running, the cry from the top of the stairs this time was “mummy she’s been sick!” She groaned as she screwed the bottle lid on and dashed upstairs. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as she expected and the bib had caught most of it much to her relief. Another “splashy” bathtime followed but this time she learnt her mistakes from the night before and took baby girl straight into her nursery to get ready for bed, which didn’t go down too well with lots of protest and once again a dressing battle. She also had to stop her repeatedly throwing the pile of freshly ironed clothes she had just brought upstairs onto her bedroom floor. The only saving grace of this evening being  at least this time the sleep battle lasted less than ten minutes!

She quietly crept back downstairs to avoid waking baby girl with even the slightest of noises and looked at the scattered toys that she had only half an hour prior put away, before turning and collapsing on the sofa.

It’s not always easy having two aged three and under, whilst also having mobility problems, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. However as she sits collapsed on the sofa she smiles, content in the knowledge that at least for the next two days her husband will be around to help her recharge her batteries (both physically and mentally) and reclaim her sanity, if only somewhat a little!


  1. Oh I can so relate, great post. It is hard work with two under two in this house too! Somedays I don’t know where to run to my toddler or to my baby, as they both scream down the house. lol Most days I am lucky they are well behaved but oh how I love the weekend when I have that extra set of hands called Daddy!!! :) I know that, throw yourself on the couch and sigh feeling too well. 😉 Whenever I bring the washing upstairs somehow it always ends up on the floor everywhere by my lovely toddler. Oh they love to challenge us and see how much we can do all at once. It’s highly entertaining sometimes and highly exhausting other times.

  2. I can only hope that they are both asleep by now. Much as I loved both my babies I am only grateful they are now capable of sleeping without being settled. Through the endless walks up the stairs to calls of I can’t sleep and the shouts of please go to sleep do amke for a tired mummy!



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