We’re on the move

Toddler girl was quite late in moving around, she bum shuffled at 11 months and didn’t walk until 17 months, she didn’t really weight bear on her legs either. However baby girl at 9 1/2 months is proving to be a different story. She loves standing, holding on to us or the sofa / activity table and she has started to crawl.

I was at a local group I attend with both girls, and as is customary at many groups all the children had been given a biscuit and a drink after the main activity had finished. One of the kids had left a half eaten biscuit on the mat and it seems this is what spurred baby girl to make her first move! She certainly does love her food and eyeing up a half eaten abandoned biscuit seemed to be all the motivation she needed!

I saw the little eyes lock on their target and then saw the hand slowly lift and move forward, with one of her legs following. The other hand then rather shakily lifted and she lunged forward again, bringing her other leg with her. Realising she was getting closer she tried the maneuver again a couple of times, before reaching her target and grabbing it triumphantly!

Not wishing to spoil her moment, but also not wishing to cause chaos with her eating another child’s biscuit I gave her a big round of applause and lots of cuddles and praise before grabbing a biscotti from my own bag and doing a quick exchange (as long as she was getting the end goal of food I don’t think this bothered her much! lol!)

Since then baby girl has certainly been getting herself around a little more and whilst I wouldn’t say we are travelling far yet we are certainly on the move and have our sights firmly set when we see something we want! Rather funnily she also does bum shuffle at times, but instead of supporting her weight on her hands she banks her legs up and down furiously and the momentum takes her forward! It’s quite intense and a little entertaining! I’m quite glad she can crawl too as I’d be worried she was going to do herself an injury if that was her only method!

Toddler girl was always quite good, whilst she was curious she wasn’t overly curious and wasn’t into everything, we never had to move ornaments or take the pebbles out the fire! However I think baby girl is going to be a whole different cup of tea! I think it’s time to batten down the hatches, get out the safety gates, and develop eyes in the back of our heads! This is going to be a fun ride!



  1. Haha baby girl sounds like z. He used to flap on the spot excitedly then make a bee line for anything and everything (and constantly go for the fireplace). It’s so much but tiring too :)

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