What? Christmas is Coming Again???

Every year I say I am going to get organised for Christmas early and every year I fail! I had bought a couple of small presents but until the last couple of weeks I really wasn’t very organised at all and typically missed many of the big savings opportunities like the Argos 3 for 2 but I have shifted myself into gear over the last few weeks and have started to try to get sorted for Christmas.

Toddler Girl is a a big Disney Princess, Disney Fairies, Barbie and Doc McStuffins Fan and she just loves imaginative play so  below are some of the things Santa may be bringing Toddler Girl this year from all the family.

Christmas Present Ideas

I’ve been considering a LeapFrog LeapPad or LeapReader but she has a few things that involve games and things like her V-Tech Kiddizoom camera and a V-Tech Laptop but she’s still to get the hang of them so I think we will probably hold off on that until her birthday next year. I know she loves the Barbie Mariposa Castle but we did just buy her the Barbie Musical Light Up Castle for her birthday so I think she may have to settle for that at present! lol! I have no doubt there may be a few DVD’s and Dressing up costumes in there too!

When it comes to Baby Girl it is so hard as we have so many toys already! It’s hard to find something that’s a bit different to what we already have! I feel quite sorry for her so I’ve been having a mooch around on a mission to find things that aren’t like what we already have and below are some of the delights that may be heading her way.

Christmas Present Ideas

We have the V-Tech Toot Toot Car Garage and She likes playing with all the buttons and enjoys the sounds so she would probably love the airport. We have very basic plastic stacking cups that over the last few years are gradually reducing in numbers with a few missing the stack now so this great animal stack looks a bit different. I have always loved the V-Tech Alphabet ride on train and was so tempted to get for toddler girl when she was younger but never did so it’s going to have to be on the list this time. I like the simplicity of the Fisher Price Piggy Bank and once again was always going to buy for Toddler Girl and didn’t. We were in Smyths toys the other day and we were testing out the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Dance and Play Puppy and she reacted really well to it and loved it so think this will be a hit! The Tomy Discovery Dome is a bit different too and thankfully it collapses easily so can be brought out and put away! lol!

It’s my niece’s birthday on Christmas Day too! (How inconsiderate on my purse! lol) so I have to buy two presents for the day so Santa will be bringing her a Baby Born and a supermarket at the request of my sister so that’s thankfully sorted too.

So with ideas for the kids sorted and some already bought I now need to turn my sights to parents and hubby as well as a few stocking fillers. I swear next year I AM starting my shopping in August and I will be organised for Christmas!!!


  1. Haha I am one of the organised ones, I panicked this year because I didn’t start until October but I was still finished by the end of November, just the food shopping left to be done :)

  2. I did manage to start a bit earlier this year but still seem to have done the lions share in the last few weeks lol.

  3. I’m in the same boat. I usually have finished my shopping by now, but have only recently made a start. Hope you manage to get yours sorted x

  4. I’ve done nothing bar a tiny look on a few websites… :-/


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