My Little Ballerina

My little girl is a real girly girl. She loves all things princess, her favourite colour is pink and she loves dancing. I therefore thought it would be great to find her a dance class and take her for a trial session to see if she liked it. I wanted her to do something that she would enjoy and that she would in time perhaps excel at.

I searched the web to look for local dance schools and found a few with classes on at times that would be suitable for us. After messaging them one of the dance schools got back to us and invited us for a trial at one of their ballet sessions aimed at pre-school children.

I wasn’t sure if it was just ballet that I wanted her to do but thought about it and was of the opinion that every dancer starts somewhere and ballet offers a good point at which to start so decided to take her along.

The trial session was at a time when hubby was at work so I had to take baby girl with me too, which was interesting. The dance class was on the top floor of the building so I couldn’t take the pushchair and instead dragged the car seat up the many steps to the studio. On arrival we had no dance wear so had to sift through the borrow box and then dress toddler girl. No sooner had I dressed her before she wanted the toilet so we had to strip her off (as she was wearing a leotard), rush to the loo and get her dressed again (all with baby in tow in a car seat at the same time!)

After the initial stress the rest of the session went really well. Toddler girl was called into the studio with the other little girls and started her first ever ballet class. The session lasted around 30 – 45 minutes and taught them basics of pointing their toes, posture and running daintily whilst holding their skirt, it was very sweet to watch and she seemed to be having such a lovely time and looked adorable.

Baby girl was very well behaved thankfully too!

Afterwards I asked toddler girl what she thought and if it was something she would like to do, which she said it was so we signed up for a term.

Toddler girl has been to 4 classes so far and seems to love it. She has her own leotard, skirt, tights, cardigan and ballet shoes. It is wonderful to watch her get all dressed and head into the studio. She now goes in on her own with her class mates and her excited little face is a picture as she runs out to tell me all about her lesson afterwards.

It’s nice for me to watch, as I danced when I was younger but because of my bad hip and leg and I couldn’t do as much as the other children and could only go so far with it. I spent many a Christmas watching the dancers on stage at the pantomimes (one of which was a childhood school friend) and imagined what it might be like to be up there. I’m so pleased my little girl has found enjoyment in dancing and I am hoping this is the start of a great hobby for her. I just need to start saving my pennies for my little ballerina and all her lovely outfits now!

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  1. Aww! Sounds like she’s really enjoying it!!

  2. It’s so lovely that she has taken to this and it sounds like she is enjoying it. I hope it continues and I wish you luck saving those pennies ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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