It’s Oh So Quiet – Good Night Anti Snoring Ring Review

My husband has always snored. Early on in our relationship I could gently nudge him and quietly tell him he was snoring and he would roll over and go quiet, happy days. However in recent years his snoring has got really, really extreme! It is so loud that he can be heard in other rooms and even downstairs whilst he is asleep upstairs! It is just dreadful and can really affect both our night’s sleep, as there is no way I can get to sleep laid next to it and after a while I have no choice but to wake him, which in turn means he gets disturbed sleep too.

When I was pregnant with my last daughter I was so exhausted and tired I was close to tears many nights as I was struggling to sleep anyway and his snoring was so loud it prevented any remote chance I had of getting to sleep. I can so see how sleep problems can actually affect relationships!

We have tried methods to stop his snoring such as snoring strips across his nose but they didn’t work and with his snoring getting louder and louder the situation is getting quite desperate. So when I got the opportunity to try the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring I thought it sounded interesting and definitely worth a shot! We had nothing to lose!!!

methods to stop snoring

Before you panic and have images of you or your partner looking like a bull with a ring through the nose fear not! The Good Night Anti Snoring Ring is worn on the little finger whilst you are asleep and uses principles of acupressure to help stop snoring. The ring applies light pressure on two points on your little finger. You place the ring at the very base of your little finger with the open side facing upward (12 o’ clock position). You then gently squeeze the ring to ensure a firm fit (but make sure it’s comfortable too). The Acu Activator pressure points should be located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock on your finger.

methods to stop snoring

Hubby has been wearing the ring for over a week now and I have to say halleluijah I have noticed an improvement! His snoring hasn’t stopped completely but it has reduced in level and frequency significantly and for me that is fantastic. The company do explain that everyone snores for a variety of reasons and the ring will have different effects on different people and in some cases may not be the answer, which is why they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which I think is a very honest and open approach. In our situation you can certainly see an immediate difference. Last night my husband forgot to put the ring on and immediately started snoring so loudly it was making my toes curl! I gave him a nudge and politely (ahem) told him to put his ring on! Within minutes of having the ring on his snoring reduced to a fraction of the noise it had been. Whilst the snoring hasn’t completely stopped it is so, so, so much better and for me this makes the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring one of the best inventions ever! If you have a similar situation and are looking for methods to stop snoring I would certainly recommend you try the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring.

There’s no side effects and the ring is available in 3 adjustable sizes to fit a wide variety of people. It costs £30 and you can check the size ring that you would need and purchase the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring via their website

I was VERY tempted to video / record my husband before and after however I didn’t want to embarrass him too much! You will just have to take my word on it 😉

Disclaimer: We were provided a Good Night Anti Snoring Ring for the purpose of this review, However no payment was made for this post and all views and opinions are my own.




  1. My husband makes a clicking sound when he sleeps, drives me crazy. Sadly there is no cure for it, except a gentle nudge in the ribs.

  2. I need one so badly ,some nights I ac not sleep!

  3. I need my own room to sleep anyway…

  4. Great review! I bought a mouth guard for my husband and it really helped him with his snoring. The mouth guard was from Stella White and I can really recommend it :)

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