Weaning Weeks 3 – 7

I’m having so much fun weaning my little girl as she seems to have taken to it so well! After battling with my toddler over what she will and won’t eat in recent months it really is a breath of fresh air to have baby girl try everything she is given without any qualms.

You can read my posts about our first two weeks weaning and also see our review of Plum baby food.

Since then we have been having great fun trying new tastes and textures and have even ventured into finger foods.


We bought products from some of our favourite brands such as Hipp Organic, Plum and Ellas Kitchen and were lucky enough to also be sent some lovely products these last few weeks from Hipp Organic which we reviewed and baby girl loved. As a result she’s tried lots of new tastes, including peach, raspberry, strawberry, parsnip, peas, leek, tomato, swede, spinach and courgette. She’s also tried pasta, chicken, turkey, beef and salmon as well as cous cous and lentils to mention but a few more.

Baby girl is mesmerized by watching us eat and seems to just want whatever we have. Toddler girl and her shared a banana the other day and she coped quite well with it. She had one moment where she had a little too much in her mouth and gagged a little, but it certainly didn’t put her off! She grabbed at toddler’s remaining piece of banana (and that was after a full pouch of food and a petit filous!)

Other finger foods she’s tried include Organix banana rice cakes, Organix carrot sticks and Organix sweetcorn rings, as well as toast, cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks, a cheese sandwich (I found her munching on this at a picnic we were having with friends!) and Ellas Kitchen milk and vanilla cookies! It seems there’s nothing baby girl won’t try at the minute and it is lovely to see!

We are currently having two meals a day, lunch and dinner and I aim to start giving her breakfast in a week or so’s time. Although baby girl is not quite 7 months yet (but very nearly) I have started her on stage 2 products in the last few days as she seems ready for these and so far has enjoyed them and coped really well.

We have dropped the mid morning bottle which we used to have around 11am, largely because baby girl has been having longer morning naps and by the time she wakes it is close to lunch time and  better to just give her her lunch. Plus if she was awake she didn’t seem to be taking much bottle anyway. She doesn’t seem to be missing this at all and I know it is a natural step for the daytime bottles to gradually disappear, as long as she is getting her 20oz of milk a day from her bottles and meals / snacks.

All in all things are still going well and we are enjoying our weaning journey :-) Once I have got our break away and my daughter’s birthday out the way I must dig out my weaning cook books and try to start making a few more home made recipes too.


  1. Looks like an enjoyable time! I love the photo! Hope the weaning process goes well.

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