Days Out In the Sun

We are loving this warm weather. It is so great to have the opportunity to spend all day every day outdoors, rather than hiding in the house or cramming into indoor venues with hundreds of others just to keep the kids entertained! This last couple of weeks we’ve had lots of days out and it’s been great!

We’ve enjoyed a trip as a family to a park / nature reserve where we had a picnic, enjoyed an ice cream and toddler girl enjoyed a kick about with her dad. It was a lovely day, not too hot with a fair amount of cloud cover, but this made it really nice and not too uncomfortable for baby girl.

days out

The park is lovely and has streams and a lake as well as a bit of woodland, where my toddler loves to go on a Gruffalo hunt. We always end up bringing plenty of pine cones back with us too as she loves to pick them up! We were lucky enough to see some really tiny baby coots and ducklings, as well as a few cygnets too. It’s wonderful to see and when you go back (as we visit fairly often) you see them maturing.

Me and my girls also paid a visit to a a couple of farms with some of my mummy friends and their kids. The first was a small farm shop which has a play area, a few animals such as donkey’s pony’s and alpaca’s and tractor rides. We went straight onto the tractor ride on arrival, which took us through a few fields and to see some cows. The kids loved it, especially when the driver went up and down the big dips in the fields, they all screamed with delight. We then took the kids for a play in the play area, before having lunch outside the farm shop, which was delicious.

The second farm was one we hadn’t visited before and was a further drive but worth it. Again we met up with some of my mummy friends and this time my sister and niece came along, which was lovely. The farm had a variety of animals from horses, pony’s, lambs, pigs (and piglets) to rabbits and guinea pigs that the kids could stroke. They LOVED this and were so excited! Not sure the poor animals felt the same way though!

days out


We had a lovely picnic in the farm’s picnic area and the children enjoyed playing in a small play area on ride on tricycles, cars and tractors, as well as having a great time on a bouncy castle. We arrived at 10am and there was so much to do we didn’t leave until 3pm and probably could have stayed even longer. My toddler girl had her first ever pony ride too. She was desperate to go on it but once on she wasn’t so sure. I convinced her it would be ok and I held onto her all the way and she loved it. It was lovely to see the huge grin on her face and to see her experience another ‘first’.

days out

I also visited another park that I hadn’t been to since I was a small child and this time went along with my girls and my mum and niece. I can’t believe I hadn’t gone to this park sooner! It was great, really big with tonnes of open space for the kids to run around in. The weather was scorching and there were people having picnics everywhere. The girls enjoyed playing in one of the park’s play areas and bouncing on yet another bouncy castle before we settled down for a picnic. After lunch we took a walk further into the park. There was another big play area with some great equipment for the older ones and an area including sandpit for the younger children. The girls enjoyed playing in the sandpit.

days out

We’ve also visited a lovely butterfly house one day too. I’m not sure what my toddler girl was expecting but she was initially quite disappointed, exclaiming “mummy I thought we were going to the butterfly place?” I said “we are darling, we’re here.” to which she got upset and said “but I wanted to dance!” Not quite sure what she had in mind but she did cheer up after a while!

days out

All in all we’ve had a lovely couple of weeks in the sun enjoying the great outdoors and these are just a few of our trips out! If only we had the weather here in the UK to enjoy ourselves like this year round. For now, long may it continue!

How have you been enjoying yourselves? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to or if you have any recommendations for places to visit.

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  1. I love this sunny days in the summer, when I can take my babies on a walk :) I see we have something in common :) Greetings!

  2. Sounds like plenty of lovely parks near you with some good open space for picnics and a chance to let the kids be free. I am all for being outdoors what ever the weather but it does make it much more enjoyable when it’s warm and dry! The butterfly house made me laugh! Thank you for sharing your outdoor fun on Country Kids.


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