Welcome Ray! – Friday Favourite from Brother Max

Bath times can be a really fun time of the day and can play an essential part in the bed time routine, helping your child to wind down and get ready for bed.

Even though my toddler is almost 3, I still have my 5 month old and am very aware of ensuring the bath is at the right temperature for them both. I can use the old dip the elbow in the water technique, but I prefer to use something a little more accurate, such as a digital thermometer, so when the lovely people at Brother Max offered to send me their Ray bath and room thermometer I immediately said yes.

The Ray bath and room thermometer is a ray-shaped digital thermometer that doubles up as a floating bath time toy, as well as a thermometer that can be used both in the bath, or in a room. It’s a very simple and clever idea.

ensuring the bath is at the right temperature

The minute I opened Ray my toddler was captivated! She loved its design and was asking what it was and what his name was. Ray became an instant friend and has gone between the bath and bedroom with her every night! She’s even woken us during the night to ask where Ray was!

Ray has an LCD display which shows the temperature and if it reaches 39 degrees c or above it blinks “hot” warning that the water is too hot, which is very visual, simple and effective. Ray also has the optimum temperature for bath (37 degrees) and room (19 degrees) printed above the LCD display to remind you of the recommended temperatures, which is really convenient for first time parents starting out.

ensuring the bath is at the right temperature

With the weather having been as hot as it has been this last week it was an ideal time to receive Ray as it meant that we could have a digital thermometer in each of the girls rooms over night to enable us to judge what nightwear and bedding we should be using with them. (I have a Gro Egg in baby’s room so we used Ray in my toddler’s room… not that we could have prized it away from her anyway!)

I’m glad I did use it in my toddler’s room the other night as I would never have realised it was 26 degrees! As a result I immediately took the duvet out of the equation!

Ray has been a huge hit with us and we’d definitely recommend you give a Ray a home!

Disclaimer: Please note a product was sent for review. However no payment was made for this post and all views are my own.

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