End of The Road For The Pavlik Harness

Regular readers to my blog will know that today was D-day for my baby girl, the day we took the journey once again to the children’s outpatients ward to have her hips checked, but this time hopefully for the final time (at least for some time anyway!) as we hoped to find out if it was the end of the road for the Pavlik Harness.

My daughter has been wearing a Pavlik Harness for 14 weeks, after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia (DDH). She was only 10 weeks old when she was put into the harness and she’s 24 weeks old now.

I am over the moon to say that today we got the news we wanted! It is the end of the road for the Pavlik Harness and my daughter doesn’t have to wear it any more as of today! This is the end of our DDH treatment for now. However she will have to return to hospital in 4 months time for an x-ray to check how her hips are doing and we will likely have further follow up appointments after that too, which I think I can live with!

I am one happy mummy today!

If you don’t know much about the Pavlik Harness, it is designed to hold their hips in a frog like position, which encourages correct formation of the hip joint, but whilst also still allowing a certain degree of movement.

end of the road for the Pavlik Harness

I was diagnosed with DDH at a birth and there was nothing like the Pavlik Harness when I was young. I was put into plaster casts and splints and as a result of being left in them too long my hip joint froze and I now have very limited movement in it. I am truly amazed at how well the Pavlik Harness has worked for my little girl! Every time I have attended the outpatients and watched the scan I have seen for myself a marked improvement in the hip joint. It is fairly unobtrusive for the little ones and my daughter never really seemed that bothered by it at all. Having DDH myself I can’t sing the praises of this treatment more!

When my daughter was first diagnosed with hip dysplasia I was devastated, as any parent would be. However we soon adapted to the harness and it never really interfered with day to day life at all. It may have been inconvenient to wash her, a little awkward to get a big cuddle or a tiny bit sore in the hot weather, but I can honestly say it has all been so worth it.

As I was leaving the clinic another little baby only 6 weeks old was starting their journey in the Pavlik Harness and his parents looked exactly like we did that day 14 weeks ago. I couldn’t help but go and speak to them to reassure them and I know they really appreciated it and seemed comforted as they left with their tiny baby all strapped up. So, to any other parent out there who has had the news that we got and is having to go through this treatment, I just want you to know how good the results can be and that it is highly likely that there will be light at the end of the tunnel!

You can read more about our Hip Dysplasia journey HERE and there’s also further information about hip dysplasia and what to look out for too.



  1. This is fantastic news. I remember so well that day we found out our baby girl had DDH, and that harness seemed so harsh for my little newborn girl. And then I remember the day we got given the all clear. Such a roller coaster in between. I’m so so thrilled for you its wonderful. Well done you and well done baby girl xx

  2. What great news! So pleased for you.

  3. Yay!!!! That is great news for your little girl. Amazing how things progress over the years x

  4. Oh I am so pleased for you hun, Its great that she doesn’t need it anymore.xx

  5. Nice one hon. A friend of mine has had 2 children wear a harness, and the younger one is now 2 and both children are at regular milestones, running and jumping and not at all out of the ordinary.
    I think it’s lovely you went and spoke to the new parents who were there – it’s the best reassurance you can possibly have :)

  6. That is fantastic news!! I’m so pleased for you!!

  7. Wonderful news!

  8. What fantastic news! I had never heard of this device – what total genious, but I bet you were all over the moon that she no longer needs it…

    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  9. Grandad Richard says:

    Your time frames are similar to our daughter. Thankfully our Grandaughters harness came off this week. Throughout, Katie has slept like a log every night but since the harness came off she has on occasions cried pitifully. Our daughter was not given guidance on monitoring the hips and we worry that there may be ongoing hip pains/dislocations? Trying to find post harness symptoms is hard work. Any thoughts please?

    • amummysview says:

      Hello thanks for your message. I am glad your grandaughter is out of her harness now. I too have wondered myself if there’s anything happening that I’m not aware of. Have to say I wasn’t told to look for anything either and admittedly have put it to the back of my mind. We have a check up and xray in the next few weeks so will find out then but this is a question I may ask then. Sorry I can’t be of further help but perhaps the charity STEPS could?


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