Great Expectations – Pavlik Harness

Tomorrow is D-day for my baby girl. It’s the day we find out if her hip dysplasia has improved enough to no longer need the Pavlik Harness and we have great expectations!

Those who are regular readers to my blog will know that my baby girl has been wearing a Pavlik Harness to treat her hip dysplasia since she was 6 weeks old and she is now 5 months.

no longer need the Pavlik Harness

For the last 4 weeks she’s only had to wear the harness on an evening, which has been great as she’s had freedom during the day and as a result has found her feet and even rolled over once, something she really couldn’t do in the harness!

Everything has seemed to go well so far so we are really hoping for good news tomorrow and that it will be the end of a big chapter in our DDH journey and that from tomorrow we will no longer need the Pavlik Harness

Fingers crossed!

You can read more about our hip dysplasia journey HERE


  1. Lauren Purdy says:

    Aww bless. I hope her hips are better now. My little girl had this too however, it was only mild. We went for multiple ultrasounds and started off on normal double nappies then we had to move on to Terry nappies (outside her disposable). But we were naughty and didn’t always put them on her as she always looked really uncomfortable……But we had good news about a month ago, they are normal now :) She has to go for an X-Ray in August as apparently there is a small chance they could go back.
    I bet you can’t wait for the news that they are better and you can get rid of the harness!! I know its for their own good but they aren’t the nicest thing to put on a baby are they. Wishing you all luck for tomorrow!!

    • amummysview says:

      Thanks Lauren. We got the great news we wanted. So glad to hear all has gone well for you too. x

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