Plum Little Foodies Review

My toddler in recent months hasn’t been the best eater and I have been feeling a bit stuck in a rut as to what to give her without repeating the same old, same old. When she was a baby I regularly brought some of the leading baby brands including Plum, Organix Cow & Gate and Ellas Kitchen and found they offered a real blend of tastes with a good mix of fish, meat, chicken and vegetables. So when the people at Plum offered a selection of their Little Foodies products to review I jumped at the opportunity.

Plum recently polled more than 2,000 of Plum parents online and found  that 65% of them were concerned about the impact of early-years eating on their child’s future health. As well as this, studies have shown that what we feed little ones in the first few years can have a real impact on their eating habits for life. That’s one big reason why Plum decided to offer nutritious meals for tots, complete with at least two of their daily portions of vegetables. Their view is, the sooner kids learn to appreciate the wonderful flavours of veg, the healthier their choices will tend to be later on.

Little Foodies meals are full of exciting flavours and come in convenient, easy-to-serve dishes to encourage tots aged 1-3 years to feed themselves. The chunky texture (including chewy bits like whole raisins and peas) helps them develop the jaw and tongue muscles they need for good language development.

Little Foodies

Plum is passionate about providing babies with delicious, flavourful organic meals made with the highest quality ingredients, because they believe giving kids the very best start in life will unlock their future potential to be truly amazing in whatever they do. The range includes:

Caribbean Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Rice – a delicious blend of lightly spiced organic chicken with bits of juicy mango, a touch of coconut and nutty-tasting wholegrain rice for extra nutrition and a bit of fibre.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Bulgur Wheat – a perfect meal for a hungry toddler. It’s a scrumptious, slow-simmered stew that combines Plum’s award-winning organic Welsh lamb with sweet apricots, chickpeas, delicious veg, and a touch of mild North African spice – so delicious that they’ll never suspect it contains three portions of veg!

Neapolitan Tomato & Beef Ragu with Ditalini Pasta – Plum’s twist on an Italian classic (minus salt and sugar) Plum’s slow-cooked ragu incorporates a whopping eight different kinds of vegetables to give your little one a balanced blend of vitamins, and they’ve left the tiny pasta tubes whole to provide a bit of a chewing challenge for younger children.

Vegetable Biryani with Wholegrain Rice – is perfect for young vegetarians – a moreish mixture of spinach, tomatoes, onions, raisins and chickpeas, flavoured with coconut and mild Indian spices. It also contains 3 of your toddler’s 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg.

 Little Foodies are great for a range of occasions including:

•              when little ones are eating earlier than Mum and Dad;

•              to take along for an evening out at a friend’s house or a restaurant;

•              a solution for when little ones are with a sitter or at child-care;

•              a way to help encourage reluctant toddlers to eat their veggies;

•              ideal for packing in the suitcase for an overseas holiday;

•              and convenient to simply keep in the cupboard as back-up for those extra-hectic days we all have from time to time!

When the Little Foodies meals arrived I thought they packaging looked great and was just as appealing as back when I initially weaned my daughter. The meals weren’t too big in portion size and I hoped the consistency of it might help hide all the veg etc that my daughter can pick out of her other meals. The meals smelt and tasted really nice. However my toddler, as I have said is really, really picky and such hard work with food so sadly she wouldn’t give them the time of day :-( I think the mushy texture perhaps took a step a bit too far back for her as she is almost three and eats general adult food now.

Not wanting to leave the opportunity for feedback and to give a good review I passed the remaining dishes to my sister to give to my niece who is 16 months old. She loves her food and will try all sorts!

My niece loved the meals and happily wolfed them down! However my sister said that surprisingly she didn’t finish the whole dish and wondered perhaps if they are quite big portions. My sister thought the dishes looked and smelt lovely but also commented that they are perhaps more suitable for 12 – 18 month olds, as after this age children do tend to eat proper whole food as opposed to the consistency of these dishes.

Overall I think the Little Foodies range is great, with tasty, nutritious and appealing recipes and I would happily buy Little Foodies for my youngest once she is a little older.

Disclaimer: Please note products were sent for review. However no payment was made for this post and all views are my own.




  1. Lauren Purdy says:

    I won a box of Plum baby food, my LO is too young but I passed them on to my mum for her youngest to try, he has recently turned 2. Mum said he loved it as did my sister who is 5 …. So it was a big hit in their household. I will be buying it in a few months when Beau starts weaning. Sorry to hear they didn’t go down so well with yours.

    Lauren x

    • amummysview says:

      My daughter is just plain awkward at the minute! lol! She loved Plum baby food when I weaned her and wolfed down a Salmon one they did. I think Plum are great and will be heading out too to buy more from baby range as about to start weaning my little one! eek! x

  2. These sound so yummy! I’d eat them! xx

    • amummysview says:

      I did have a sneaky taste and they are yummy! I loved Plum baby food when I weaned my toddler so will be heading out to buy more for baby over the next few weeks / months x

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