The Alternative Toddler Universe

We’ve just been away to Center Parcs on holiday and whilst there I think we entered an alternative toddler universe! Yes it was a universe like we have never experienced before, one where my little girl put her anxieties behind her and boldly went where she has never gone before!…

Regular readers to my blog may know that I have been having a few toilet issues with my toddler, which has impacted on potty training somewhat. Way back in April 2012 my daughter first showed an interest in the potty out of the blue which took me by surprise somewhat and I blogged about it HERE. Since then we took 50 steps back and not only has she fought the potty but we have also had constipation issues and a fear of going to the toilet.

However during our recent holiday to Center Parcs something amazing happened.

On our first night we were sat having dinner in one of the restaurants when out of the blue my little girl said to me “Mummy I need the toilet”. My husband and I glanced at each other a little taken aback and not quite sure if we had both heard correctly. So I calmly said “ok sweetheart do you want me to take you?” to which she replied “yes”. So off we headed to the toilet. I have to admit I was fully expecting her to either freak once we got in the cubicle or sit down and then say she couldn’t go, resulting in me bringing back through the restaurant a hysterical screaming child. However nothing of the sort happened! My toddler let me lift her onto the toilet and actually went! There was no fighting, no crying, no screaming, I was gobsmacked!

I sang her praise and after washing our hands we headed back to the table. On return hubby looked at me as if to ask what had happened and when I told him we had been I think he looked as taken aback as me!

Over the course of the week we had a mixed time with the toilet, sometimes my toddler asked to go and other times I had to encourage her. We continued to use nappies and there were occasions where they were a little wet but on the whole we managed to stay a lot drier than normal throughout the day.

Since getting back from holiday things have pretty much continued the same, with toddler sometimes asking to go, but on the whole I am encouraging her to go at least every two hours to try to get used to it. She seems to prefer the potty at home however will use the toilet if we are out and about. I have put her in big girl pants a couple of times but we have had both poo and wee accidents, so until I know she can tell me when she wants to go that little bit more I am sticking to the pull up training pants! I so can’t cope with poo pants! lol!

There have also been days where she has actually gone to the toilet for a poo on her own accord, which very very rarely happens, so I am really pleased. However on the whole we do still have some battles with it so I know we aren’t out of the woods with it yet. I’m just glad we have made a bit of a start finally!

It wasn’t just the toilet developments that happened on holiday though, oh no!

In addition to the toilet my toddler also had two more firsts.

While in Starbucks one day I was having a shake style drink and my toddler asked what I was having and if she could have a taste. Again I had to stop and query whether I had just heard correctly. She actually took the straw, took a sip and asked if she could have one, I nearly keeled over on the spot again! My daughter drinks nothing but water out of a Tommee Tippee sippy cup normally, she flatly refuses anything else and any other cup, so much so we have had meldowns and gone a whole day without hardly drinking if we have ever forgotten her sippee cup! However that day in the alternate toddler universe was a turning point and ever since my toddler has been trying new drinks like Happy Monkey and Innocent smoothies and fruit shoots, she’s drinking out of straws and even out of a normal cup! I am over the moon! So much so we went cup shopping and I bought her new Tommee Tippee and Nuby cups with straw tops. I can finally put the sippee cups to the back of the cupboard for a while until baby needs them! Hurrah!

center parcs milkshake

It’s been a long time coming but I am hoping we are moving forward in a new phase and I shall thank the Center Parcs effect for the amazing transition and journey into the alternative toddler universe! It’s been an experience thank you! lol!

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