Hip Dysplasia: Pavlik Harness Week 9

Its week nine for my little girl in her Pavlik harness for hip dysplasia and this week she was allowed out of her harness for eight hours a day.

It is lovely to get her up in the morning and be able to release her from the Pavlik harness for several hours. She loves having the harness taken off and gets a big smile on her face kicking her little legs like crazy! I’ve noticed that when I put her down on her mat she kicks so much that she’s able to re position herself and often turn herself by 45 degrees. Hubby got a shock when he was changing her nappy on the sofa the other day as she was harness free and kicking about so much that she almost rolled. I had to shout for him to stop her before she went off the edge! When they are in the Pavlik harness they are so rigid and she has been nowhere near agile enough to turn over in it. My first daughter took ages to roll over too so I think we just weren’t expecting her to move so much. We’re going to have to be more aware when she is out of it as she’s obviously a strong little thing.

We had a check up at the hospital again this week too and things are continuing to look good and we are almost there. We’ve been told she can now have the harness off ALL day and only wear it at night, which is just fantastic news! All the lovely clothes that I’ve had boxed away because she’s been unable to wear them can finally come out!

We have to go back in a month’s time for another check up and provided all is looking good then we may finally be able to keep the Pavlik harness off for good and just monitor her over time. I am thrilled at just how well the Pavlik harness is working for my little girl, it’s such a simple concept, with such amazing results. I wish it had been around when I was a baby it may have saved me a lot of problems and operations! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by as well. It hasn’t seemed to drag and we’ve all pretty much just got on with it and coped well.

I am amazed at how common hip dysplasia is too. I’ve got to know a girl who lives near me who’s little girl is only a few months older than my baby girl and who has a toddler just a bit older than mine too. Her baby girl is also in the Pavlik harness and as a result I have made a new friend there. I’ve also seen two of my friends attend the same clinic as me with their little girls in recent weeks, both thankfully have been ok.

Strange as it seems I have found it comforting (although I know that shouldn’t be the right term to use) to know that it is so common. However the reason I have found it comforting is because I have also heard so many positive outcomes and this has given me the positivity I needed to see us all through this after all my negative experiences with DDH over the years.

The doctor I spoke to today said that the clinic I attend is one of very few in the UK who follow the guidelines 100% for hip screening. Many apparently only scan when a potential problem is picked up at the post birth check or if there is DDH in the family. However breech babies should apparently also be checked and I never knew this. This has made me even more determined to raise awareness as much as I can.

So after achieving my goal the other week of being able to take my baby girl swimming on holiday I now have a new goal, my new goal is that by the end of the first week in July I will hopefully be writing a post about the conclusion of my little girl’s treatment. Fingers Crossed!

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  1. This is wonderful news, I’m very happy all is going smoothly for her.

  2. Wonderful news hun!! Hopefully not much longer with the harness.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop last week. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

    Hope you can join us again tomorrow.

    Laura x x x


    • amummysview says:

      Hey honey not a problem at all thank you so much for hosting and taking the time to pop across x

  3. Hope all went well and she is now completely out of the harness. I remember the day well when we could take my daughter out of the splint she had, and I could put her in the lovely clothes I had been saving for that day.

    • amummysview says:

      Hello. She is thank you so much. We got the news last week so she no longer has to wear it. Lovely isn’t it. x

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