#Blogging4Madeleine 2013 Round Up

On 12th May 2013 myself and dozens of other bloggers worldwide joined forces in a campaign called #Blogging4Madeleine to write blog posts about Madeleine McCann and other missing children, on what was Madeleine McCann’s 10th birthday.


The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness that not only is Madeleine McCann still missing, but also to highlight the fact that there are thousands and thousands of other missing children who are also missing across the globe. Some of these children have received high profile media coverage, whilst others haven’t, the main fact being that too many parents and children across the globe are waking up each day without being in one another’s arms where they belong.

By coming together to share blog posts we hoped to raise awareness and to continue to spread the word of missing children like Madeleine McCann.

over 35 bloggers have so far taken part in the campaign, with more possibly to come and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favourite posts from the campaign with you.

I will start with the lovely @Looking4U2  who blogs across at A Glass Half Full and who dedicates endless hours to tweeting and sharing information about missing people and Madeleine McCann. I loved this blog post as it is so informative, so heartfelt and covers just about every single point possible, even providing QR codes to enable the download of posters and information. I bow in awe at this fantastic blog post

I also loved this informative, heartfelt and moving post from Lexicon Lane who asked us to Imagine how we would feel if it was our child.

Victoria from Vevivos paid a beautiful tribute with a poem entitled A Space in My Heart, which you really must read and I challenge you not to have tears in your eyes.

Mummy Central shared her experience of how she felt when she heard the news Madeleine McCann had been taken and how a brief misguided glimmer of hope from a cafe owner who had misinterpreted a news update had brought a moment of false hope.

Jules at Home shared a simple yet powerful post about Hope, highlighting various positive outcomes where children had been found after many years and I think this is so important to communicate, we should have hope, we should be aware that there can be positive endings for such stories.

Beck Valley Books shares as simple yet powerful post about how Somebody Somewhere must know something.

Scottish Mum writes a powerful post stating what I have wanted to shout so many times, it’s not about the parents, to lay blame and fault, it’s not about what you may have done differently, we all have our own views. What it is about is the children and that’s what the focus should so rightly be, so as she states she’s posting for the kids.

Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks shares a heartfelt post about where she was when she heard the news about Madeleine and how she has felt so many times since then when there’s news of missing children in the media.

My Mills Baby has been a great support to this year’s campaign and she writes a heartfelt post about how she holidayed at the very same complex from where Madeleine McCann was taken. She shares the notion of the fear that a taken child must feel and the hope that we must keep following three missing women being found in Ohio.

Ericka Waller, who was pregnant at the time of Maddie’s disappearance writes a very moving letter on the Baby Centre blog to Madeleine McCann. I challenge you not to feel moved to tears when reading this.

These are just a few of the dozens of wonderful posts that have been written in support of the #Blogging4Madeleine campaign. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support! Not only the bloggers who took the time to write such inspired and heartfelt posts, but also to Britmums for their support yet again with this campaign, for helping to promote it and for very kindly hosting the link up. If you want to read some of the other posts written for the campaign just hop on over to the Britmums site, where the post and linky will be live / open for a further two weeks. I also want to take the time to thank all the people who weren’t necessarily bloggers, but who helped to share the campaign on Twitter and via other Social Media. I was amazed to see the constant flow of support for the campaign from morning to night on 12th May, and even in the days following, it was overwhelming thank you!

Whilst the #Blogging4Madeleine campaign may be coming to a close for this year don’t forget that you can help raise awareness of Missing Children worldwide by taking part in  Missing People’s International Missing Children Day on 25th May and by also taking part in their Big Tweet 

You can still continue to help make a difference and hopefully help bring some of these missing children back home where they belong.



  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my post. I can’t thank you enough for the efforts you have put into the #Blogging4Madeleine campaign. There have been some wonderful posts this year and we can only hope that together we have helped to raise awareness for Madeleine. x

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my poem. I know that words never ever can bring someone back but I’ve always found I can so much more with poetry. Thank you for all your hard work with this campaign, you’ve done a brilliant job xx

  3. A lovely round up and a great round of posts. I hope one of these might make a difference.

  4. Thank you for the mention. I hope she’s found soon x

  5. Well done once again for organising all of this! I am so proud of you and everyone else who took part in this. I am praying Madeleine and other children will be found and reunited with their parents soon.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again tomorrow.

    Laura x x x

    • amummysview says:

      Thank you honey that is so sweet of you such lovely words. I will be sure to hop across again xxx

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