Losing the Baby Weight – Week 3 & 4

I’m 4 weeks into my diet in a bid to lose my baby weight and the last couple of weeks haven’t gone that well because we’ve been away to Center Parcs so I was dreading this week’s weigh in.

It’s hard when you are on holiday to restrict yourself and I have to say I fell off the wagon spectacularly! We ate out quite a bit and I really didn’t follow the Slimming World plan at all! As well as eating what I wanted from the menu I had desserts most evenings and a couple of glasses of red wine each night.

I tried to be a bit better when we got home, but it was hubby’s birthday so we went out and despite getting a relatively good main course I had pate to start and a dessert as well as four glasses of red wine. I’ve also had fajitas with sour cream this week too! Really not diet focused!

So when it came to my weigh in this week I really was dreading getting on the scales! I had weighed myself just after we got back from holiday at my parents and was devastated as according to their digital scales I had pretty much put over half of the weight I had lost in the first two weeks back on.

However I have to say I was amazed when I discovered that I had maintained this week! No weight lost but no weight on! I’m happy with that! Just got to get back on the saddle this week and work hard to keep things on a downward route!

The Starting Stats:

Height:                        5ft 3

Weight:                       11 stone 4.5lbs

BMI:                             28.1 (overweight)

Clothes size:             14

Target Weight:         10 stone

Total to Lose:           1 stone 4.5lbs


Week 1 Weigh In:

losing the baby weight

Loss / Gain:                – 3lbs

Weight:                         11 stone 1.5lbs

BMI:                               27.46 (overweight)

Clothes size:                14

Remaining Loss:       1 stone 1.5lbs


Week 2 Weigh in:

Loss / Gain:                  -1lb

Weight:                          11 stone 0.5lbs

BMI:                                27.4 (overweight)

Clothes size:                 14

Remaining Loss:         1 stone 0.5lbs


Week 4 Weigh in (Week 3 on holiday):weight loss week 4

Loss / Gain:                  0lb

Weight:                          11 stone 0.5lbs

BMI:                                27.4 (overweight)

Clothes size:                 14

Remaining Loss:         1 stone 0.5lbs



  1. Oh happiness that you didn’t undo all the good work! I’ll be updating again at week 4 x

    • amummysview says:

      I need to get back on doing the food diaries, that’s what keeps me on track. Keep up the good work honey x

  2. You do look visibly different in the last pic from the first pic! Plus I always think its better to lose little bits of weight slowly as its more likely to stays off. I think you’re doing really well!!

    • amummysview says:

      may just be the top isn’t as tight lol! I think it is best to do it slowly too. Just means a longer journey initially lol thanks honey x

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