Hip Dysplasia: Pavlik Harness – Week 8

This week is week eight for my little girl in her Pavlik Harness. However the time seems to, thankfully, be flying by!

Pavlik Harness

Last week I shared the fabulous news that my little girl was now being gradually weaned off her Pavlik Harness and is being allowed time out of it each day. This was fantastic news to get as it was just in time for our holiday to Center Parcs and it meant that I got my one wish that I had set out to achieve at the start of this journey, and that was to take my little girl swimming on her first family holiday.

By the time we arrived at Center Parcs we were entering our seventh week, which meant that she was allowed out of the Pavlik Harness for two hours a day. This was just enough time to take her swimming and for her to have a little kick about free from the harness at either side too.

On our first day I was so excited at the prospect of going swimming that I had us all up and out first thing! We got to the pool nice and early (in fact just as it had opened!) and we released baby from the Pavlik Harness and put her in her brand new swimming costume before heading to the lovely warm pool. Our toddler was so excited at not only going swimming, but also to be taking her little sister swimming for the first time too.

We headed into the water and slowly bobbed baby up and down to get her used to it. She instantly loved it and her little face lit up, gurgling and giggling with glee. She watched her sister playing and splashing and took in all of her surroundings with great interest!

We spent just over an hour in the pool and it was lovely. She kicked her legs with glee and wasn’t phased by any splashes that came her way from others in the pool. We did the same the following day too, it was lovely and would have done it more had my poor toddler not had an accident that meant we couldn’t go in water during our last two days, but never mind, we got the chance to have a couple of swims.

Having had DDH myself I know how good swimming and water exercise can be, so now that we are able to take her out of her Pavlik Harness for periods of time I want to make family swimming trips a regular feature for us and hope to go at least every week or two.

This week, we are allowed to up her time out of the Pavlik Harness to four hours a day, meaning she can spend most of the afternoon  harness free, which is lovely. I can have lots of cuddles with my baby girl, not that I don’t anyway, however she feels so much softer and can snuggle in a lot closer without the Pavlik Harness and it’s lovely!

I’m also going to try to introduce a bit of tummy time during this week too, as I was just starting to do this when she was placed into the harness, and despite having quite a degree of movement I think she found tummy time quite hard with it on and got a bit upset so I haven’t tried much whilst she has been in it. Hopefully, now she can come out of it a bit we can try small periods of tummy time and build her confidence, which in turn will help her build her strength a little, as I think being fairly rigid in the harness has allowed her to become a little dependent on it because when we take her out of it she seems so floppy again.

I am truly amazed at how this simple piece of kit has already made such a difference to my baby girl. It may have seemed daunting at first. However having gone through what I went through as a child, I would much prefer it this way for a short period of her life if it means she doesn’t have to have the experiences I had.

We have another check up next week so keep an eye out for how we are getting on.


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  1. So pleased it’s all going well for her (and you!)

  2. So pleased it’s all going in the right direction x

  3. Glad everything is working out for you and your daughter hun.

    How many more weeks has she got left with the harness?

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again this week.

    Laura x x x

    • amummysview says:

      hey lovely you are welcome and thank you! Not sure exactly. She will basically go down to 8hrs a day without having to wear it mid next week and that’s when we have our check up so will know more then hopefully. x

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