Truzees Baby Milestone Cards Review

Since falling pregnant with my first daughter I have documented everything! From a pregnancy diary all about “mini me” to baby diary documenting the first years. It’s kind of a compulsive thing for me. Hubby and many friends don’t quite know where I find the time. Sometimes I wonder myself! It’s just something I love doing!

I think it’s because my mum kept such good diaries about my childhood and my hip problems and I know how much these helped me in later years, that I have followed in the same path with my girls.

When I was approached by the lovely Angela from truzees to take a look at her Baby Milestone Cards I naturally jumped at the chance.


Baby Milestone Cards


truzees Baby Milestone Cards are designed to allow busy mums to mark the moments most of us don’t think to record, such as the first time they say “sorry”, the first time they say “I love you” or even the first time the say a naughty word or call you by your first name! (Which I know my daughter has done regularly with my poor husband!) The cards also capture moments like the first time they give you a hug or even a thumbs up. In a nutshell truzees Baby Milestone Cards aim to capture all the really cute and unconventional yet special little moments that the average baby book doesn’t think to record.

There are 12 cards in total and all are beautifully designed and come in a cute little keepsake box.

Baby Milestone Cards

You simply write the age of your child on the back of each baby milestone card as they reach that special milestone and tick from a selection of short phrases or have the option to add details in order to give a little more information about that milestone . This means you don’t have to remember dates and it becomes a wonderful memory for baby. Tips are also given on the back of each card to enhance the milestones whilst also providing advice on how to tackle the more challenging ones.

Angela says: “I really wanted to develop a gift that speaks real truths of lifes milestones and challenges. I believe the cards are heartwarming as they are truthful. Babies will crawl, walk & talk but they also do so much more. The unconventional milestones are as endearing as the most commonly used milestones. I couldn’t believe the first time my baby crawled but I equally couldn’t believe it when he hugged me for the first time. He also thought it was very funny to play Hide & Seek on Mummy in the Supermarket! Needless to say, It wasn’t very funny at the time, but now it makes me laugh so much. That’s another story I share in the milestone box. In a nutshell, my little boy was a curious baby and is growing to be a typical mischievous child. I would have loved a gift that truly reflected this process. That’s how truzees was developed.”

I had to smile as I opened the box and read some of the cards as my toddler has recently gone through so many of these milestones and rather shockingly I hadn’t documented them! (tut tut! I blame having a newborn  for not being on the ball! lol!) If I’d had these cards earlier I would of course documented them straight away!

Being an addict to documenting every aspect of our lives I think the baby milestone cards are a lovely idea, very unique and a great gift for any mum or mum-to-be. I love the packaging they come in and you can choose from pink for a girl or blue for a boy too.

Baby Milestone Cards

I’d love to know what you think? Are you a compulsive documenter? Would you use truzees baby milestone cards? Please leave a comment below


Disclaimer: A pack of truzees baby milestone cards were provided for the purpose of this review but no payment was made and all opinions are my own.


  1. What a fab idea. I have a few memory books for stuff like this but this is super cool xx

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