Yummy Yummy Yu! Friday Favourite Product Review

Since weaning my daughter I have always tried to give her healthy snacks during the day as opposed to just biscuits or rice cakes etc. She adores her oaty bars, fruit bars, raisins, fruit flakes and yoghurt covered raisins. So when the lovely people at Yu! offered to send us some of their products how could I resist!?

I had heard of Yu! before but rather ashamedly have to say I had never tried any of their products. Where have I been??? Have I been living in a cave? It seems so! I can’t believe I haven’t bought any of their products before. They are so tasty!

We received a lovely box full of lots of goodies including Yu! granola, Yu! fruit and yoghurt and Yu! bars.


It says on the Yu! website that they set out to make healthy snacks that appealed to kids but they discovered that adults loved them too. I think this is great as it’s not often you find snacks that really can suit all the family but with the Yu! range this is totally the case. My daughter and I sat trying out the range together and I was thrilled to see her devour them on the spot each time, as she has been a bit picky of late, so with this in mind it’s a ringing endorsement!

All their products are made from real fruit and contain no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and as I am on Slimming World at the moment I thought I would check out how they stand for those on a diet…….

Granola and raisin clusters – 4.5 syns* (99 calories)

Fruit pieces covered in yoghurt coating – 5.5 syns*

Yu bars – 6.5 syns*

Fruit chews – 4 syns*

*approx syn values

With an allowance of 15 syns a day I think there’s certainly room for a Yu! snack! (or two!)

Disclaimer: We were sent Yu! products to try but no money was exchanged for this post and all views are entirely our own.

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