An Auction to Remember

In February this year I read something that in an instant broke my heart. I read how the lovely Jennie from Edspire, a fellow parent blogger, had put her gorgeous nine month old baby girl, Matilda Mae down to sleep and how she simply hadn’t woken up from that sleep.

I didn’t know Jennie at the time but as a mother my heart broke and I felt an instant grief for her. Matilda Mae was one in 600 babies who die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in the UK each year. A syndrome that sadly still has few answers, no known cause as to why so many innocent little ones go to sleep, only to stay in their slumber.

Bloggers across the net united in Jennie and her family’s grief, some like me didn’t know Jennie, but others knew her and her gorgeous little Matilda very well. Regardless of the connection everyone united to show love and support to Jennie.

Today would have been Matilda’s first birthday and instead of watching her enjoy her party and blow her candles out they are planning to say goodbye properly to their baby girl. This simply breaks my heart. We can’t bring Matilda back, but we can join Jennie and her family in making sure that Matilda leaves a legacy and her name keeps shining brightly.

The Lullaby Trust funds research into SIDS so that families can get support and are given answers they so desperately need. They also provide a bereavement support service and help to educate parents on the importance of safe sleeping.

To raise awareness of SIDS and support the Lullaby Trust and other families affected, Suzanne from Ghostwriter Mummy and Jennie have come together to organise an online auction to remember to raise essential funds for the trust so that more babies can be given a chance of a brighter future.

You can show your support by sharing details of the auction and / or placing a bid.

The auction is due to open on May 11th and will run until May 20th. It is being run by Tots100.

Please do show your support for Jennie and other families affected by SIDS and help Matilda Mae leave a lasting legacy for others.

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction


  1. A lovely post to raise awareness.

  2. What a heartfelt post to raise awareness for such an important cause xx

  3. That’s a lovely tribute!

  4. Aww this is lovely. As I’m new to blogging I wasn’t aware of this happening at the time but have since read about it. It’s so horribly sad. Xx

    • amummysview says:

      It is so sad isn’t it. I’ve been in tears frequently since I read about it. My heart goes out to jennie so much. Welcome to blog land! How long have you been blogging? x

  5. Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness of the auction!

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