My Little Girl at Two and a Half

Over two and a half years have gone by since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, that tiny little 5lb dot that sat in our arms, gazing at us innocently and adoringly. How time has changed, that little dot is still little (very!) but has developed into a beautiful little girl, one who still gazes at us innocently and one who is still soaking up the world around her.

two and half 1

She’s an intelligent little thing, you can tell she listens intently to everything going on around her, she remembers things exactly (which can be dangerous if we’re not careful! lol!) and she can recite lots of nursery rhymes and songs, as well as relay back to us the basic gist of many stories we read. A bed time story and three nursery rhymes are a must every single night.

She’s still a real bookworm and LOVES her books. Her book collection is growing rapidly and we now have way more than her book stand will take! She’s also into Disney Princesses and loves her collection of Disney Princess Books, we have to read Snow White and Cinderella most nights. We were at an event recently where Cinderella appeared and my daughter was in absolute awe! She’s seen the adverts on television for DisneyLand Paris and keeps telling everyone we are going there to see the Disney Princesses! (Maybe when mummy and daddy have saved up and her baby sister is a little older!)

She also LOVES dancing and music / singing and enjoys several weekly groups that incorporate all of these activities. She does an adorable little dance that makes it look like she has a funny limp (just like her mummy!) and she often tells us “you don’t sing” if we try to join in any of her songs. You can often hear her singing to herself loudly in the bedroom at night too. We would tell her to stop and settle down to sleep if it wasn’t so cute!

She isn’t the most adventurous of children and is the last to follow her playmates in scaling new heights of the climbing frame or balancing on walls. We’ve taken her to soft plays and baby gyms and have to watch as children half her age charge past her, hurling themselves over things while she makes a halfhearted attempt before giving up! However I don’t mind this, it means I don’t have to have eyes in the back of my head wondering where she’s at or what she’s doing. Instead my toddler has a keen and creative mind, putting her enthusiasm into arts and crafts, reading, sticker books, and as mentioned dancing and singing. Every time we go to the shops I get collared for a sticker book / magazine. the most popular being the CBeebies and Peppa Pig ones. I generally find random stickers stuck to me and my furniture for several days after! She’s got a big craft box and art / chalk easel and we just bought Red Ted Art’s book to help us with some fun indoor craft activities, which I am sure she will love.

She is a very strong willed little thing and we are having real battles with certain aspects of change that comes with growing up, such as using a potty and drinking out of a normal cup. Despite trying so many different tactics we are so far having no joy at all so are still in nappies and using a tommee tippee sippy cup, as if we don’t we have pure meltdowns. She is also a nightmare when it comes to food and seems to be growing increasingly picky, some days not even eating things that the previous day was her favourite! (apparently it seems it’s her way or the highway, which is problematic when mummy and daddy feel the same about their way!) People tell me that this mentality will stand her in good stead for the future and I can only hope so! For now time out seems to be a firm friend of ours!

The last six months has seen significant change for my little girl. She’s moved into her new big girl room and big girl bed, which she chose to decorate in a Minnie Mouse theme, she’s moved up two classes in nursery and has welcomed her baby sister into the family. However for such change, she has coped well. She is great with her little sister, very loving and tender, which is beautiful to watch. I was doing something in another room the other day and walked back in to find her playing peekaboo on the floor in the living room, with her baby sister who was sat in the bouncer in front of her gurgling and smiling with delight. I think she’s going to be a great big sister and I have high hopes that they are going to grow up the best of friends.

Every day I see major changes in my beautiful little girl, and whilst she can drive me to distraction with her temper tantrums I am so pleased I currently have time off on maternity to once again spend with her, as well as my baby girl. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring.


  1. Lovely post! they grow up so quickly. Happy 2 and a half!

  2. Awww bless! She sounds like such a sweetie.

    Lovely post :)

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    • amummysview says:

      Thank you honey. Hope you guys are getting on well. Just seen you’ve put up a new post. Hubby stealing lap top will pop by next few days to have a look x

  3. Sharon P says:

    Hee hee looking forward to seeing you all very soon. It gets better as they grow together my youngest belly laughs st the oldest its so funny 😉

  4. A beautiful post, really enjoyed reading :)

  5. She sounds like such a lovely little girl. Dylan isn’t much of a climber either but I love that I don’t need to worry about him getting to stuff! bet the girls will be thick as thieves by the end of the next 6 months! x

    • amummysview says:

      It has its pro’s doesn’t it. She is a sweetheart but she has started playing up in this last week or two. May be delayed reaction to baby being born. Everything is a battle and constant drama and tears but we’ll get over that. She’s great with baby it’s more directed at me. I really hope they become good friends xxx

  6. Such a beautiful post. She is adorable, a real credit to you :)

  7. Beautiful post and sounds like she’s growing into a very smart and talented young lady. They just grow up way too fast, i still can’t believe Riley’s two in six months and i’ll have a newborn in 13 weeks time (or less!) xxx

    • amummysview says:

      Thanks honey. Eek I know I just saw your recent post in my inbox and can’t believe how close it’s getting! Bet you’re so excited! x

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