A Lullaby for The Lullaby Trust

In February I read the heartbreaking news that no mum wants to hear, that one of our lovely bloggers, Jennie from Edspire, had walked into her baby girl’s room to feed her one evening, only to discover that her gorgeous little girl had been taken to be with the angels. Matilda Mae only got nine short months with her family and their loss has hit everyone within the blogging community. We feel for Jennie as if Matilda were our own.

Matilda died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a syndrome that affects approximately 600 babies each year in the UK alone and essentially means the cause of death is sudden and unexplained. This is itself makes the loss of a child to SIDS even worse, if that is remotely possible, as there’s no reason or justification as to why it happens. Parents have no warning and are left with no explanation as to why their much loved child has gone.

This week the Foundation for Sudden Infant Death (FSID), who provide specialist support for bereaved families and anyone affected by a sudden infant death, has changed its name to The Lullaby Trust to help them raise their voice and ensure that sudden infant death is not ignored or considered to be an issue of the past.


The Lullaby Trust works to aim to prevent sudden infant deaths by reaching more parents with expert advice on safer sleep for babies, as well as providing support to families, funding research to aim to provide answers and campaigning to keep Sudden Infant Death on the public health agenda.

Jennie and Ghostwriter Mummy have joined forces to raise awareness of the charity’s re-brand and Jennie has asked other bloggers to support by writing a post based on a lullaby for today’s new name launch.

I think this is a lovely idea and I knew instantly what to share as every night my toddler asks me to sing three specific nursery rhymes / lullabies to her at bedtime, it’s a ritual that we have with one another and includes Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Rock a Bye Baby.

I’ve always sang my own version of rock a bye baby to my little girl, tweaking a couple of the words, so today as part of this post I am going to share it with you.

Rock a bye baby on a tree top

When the wind blows the cradle will rock

When the bow breaks the cradle will fall

But mummy will be here to catch your fall

In memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae and in support of Jennie and the Lullaby Trust


If you want to link up a post in support visit Jennie’s blog


  1. love your version of Rock a By Baby. Loosing a baby is always terribly sad but there’s something about Jennie’s story that makes me cry just to read her name on other blogs.

  2. This is just devastating! I have had 2 heartbreaking miscarriages which makes the pain of losing a baby at 9 months old incomprehensible to me. My love and thoughts to Matilda’s family. Shine bright little angel xxxx

    • amummysview says:

      I can’t imagine experiencing either. huge hugs to you and thank you for you lovely words for Matilda xxx

  3. I much prefer your version:) Thank you for helping to raise awareness of The Lullaby Trust

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