Hip Dysplasia: Pavlik Harness Week Two

This has been our second week in the Pavlik Harness and my baby girl seems to be on the whole coping quite well. We’ve had moments where she has been restless and ratty but to be honest this could have been anything from her actually being uncomfortable to being overtired or wind! You just don’t know and can’t tell for sure.

Bedtimes still aren’t that easy, especially when hubby is at work, as because she can’t remove the pavlick harness at all we can’t just put them both in the bath together. When hubby is here we each take on responsibility for one of the girls. I generally sponge bath baby and hubby baths our little girl at the same time, then they both go down to sleep. If he’s at work I just have to start a lot earlier and try to keep baby entertained while I bath my eldest, then I give baby her bottle, whilst attempting to read a story to my little girl (It’s a good job I can get her to turn the pages for me! lol!) Hats off to single parents!!!

Sponge bathing is so hard as there are that many straps on the Pavlik Harness that you have to clean in between and I did notice that I hadn’t managed to wash behind her knees as well as I thought so I am going to have to spend even longer making sure she’s as clean as possible bless her. I can’t wait to just be able to give her a lovely bath!

She also seems to be tight in her moses basket now (especially with her legs in the position they are in) so we have moved her to her cot this week. I am apprehensive as she is still so young but we have no room in our room for a cot, which most people probably don’t, so it’s just something we have to roll with. I guess because my eldest didn’t go in her cot till 4 months old it feels strange. The first night we put her in there she slept the longest she has ever gone for, so I guess it can’t be that bad.

We had our two week check up this week and the consultants said that there appears to definitely be an improvement from when we first started and I think I could see the difference on the scan too, so I am one happy mummy at the minute! I’m still focusing on that holiday in May and being able to remove the pavlic harness for a short period each day so that I can take my little girl swimming!

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  1. I’m so glad the harness is helping and that you are finding ways to deal with it. Hopefully she’ll be able to enjoy that lovely swim in May!

  2. I’m so pleased to hear its helping her. Big hugs x

  3. Middle child had to wear the brace for the first six months of her life, it wasn’t fun for us, but she didn’t seem to mind until it became part-time and she found her legs. It was much more difficult to get her back in the harness then.

    • amummysview says:

      Really? I hadn’t realised did everything turn out ok? I hadn’t eve thought of getting her legs back in. Oh dear that will be fun! lol! x

      • Middle child is twenty now, and does have problems with her hips though they did heal correctly. She is crooked, one side of her body grew faster than the other, so her hips are misaligned. Long walks bother her but I also don’t think years of soccer helped matters either.

        • amummysview says:

          oh bless her. did it make one leg shorter? Has she had to have any further surgery? x

          • No further surgery. The leg isn’t shorter, one hip is just lower than the other. She has seen the doctor numerous times for it, but being away at school makes it difficult to make a specialist appointment for further investigation. Eventually it will have to be looked at very closely. I am concerned about that one day, when she decides to have a baby, will the hips be a problem?

          • amummysview says:

            My hip is so deformed it is unreal and totally frozen! I’ve been fine carrying / birth wise. Just tired easily and had a bit of extra pain I am sure she would be fine. xxx

  4. Glad you are coping well with it, babies seem to adapt easily at that age. It will be worth it in the long run x

  5. I’m really pleased it’s making a difference already. It must be tough having her in a cot away from you, I was climbing over our cot to get into bed far longer than I should really….
    I hope next week goes just as well x

    • amummysview says:

      Thanks honey. It is I am in and out of her room checking her before I go to bed or if I wake in the night. 😉 x


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