Not always easy being a disabled mum

It’s days like today and frankly the last week that make me realise it’s not always going to be easy being a mummy. It’s not because I’ve been kept awake during the night, it’s not having to deal with a temper tantrum or an illness, it’s actually me! I’m a disabled mum.

I was born with a disability which affects my mobility and it has deteriorated in recent years. I have good days and bad but on days like today and this week it makes me realise how much I can rely on my husband and family for support at times.

I’m managing but the old peg leg is a little sore at present and walking, especially up and down the stairs is a little painful, not easy when my little girl wants carrying too (cue me encouraging her to join me in a bum shuffle down the stairs, making it into a game when it is in fact for my own pain threshold!) She’s too young to understand now but hopefully in time she will.

Prior to having my little girl I could use my crutches and since having her I have been using her pushchair as a zimmer frame when I need to I guess! However there are times now that she is mobile when I don’t have the buggy but I need to keep hold of her and carry something else and crutches just aren’t an option and that’s when problems can arise. Because of this I today avoided our weekly arts session that we both love so much, I was gutted, but a lovely friend of mine and her little girl came over for a coffee and a natter so that was nice and didn’t make me feel like I was just sat. My hubby also came home from work early and has been a star preparing meals for the next few days and helping where necessary.

I can be strong-willed and tend to push through my situation and this in turn means I can tend to forget my own limitations sometimes and even make my pain worse. However today has made me realise it’s not always going to be easy to be a playmate and super mum when feeling like this, but I will continue to do my best and like throughout my life I will adapt and find new ways of doing things.

I guess I am lucky to have a good support network around me and I count my blessings for that… I also hope that growing up with a mummy that has a disability my little girl will learn to be more understanding and accepting of others as I have.

I am Supporting the #BlogitforBabies and Build it for Babies Campaign

Build it for babies

Having been reading blogs by a  number of lovely parent bloggers of late, (namely Mammasaurus, HPMcQ and Mother.Wife.Me) about the Save the Children campaign Build it for Babies and the subsequent Blog it for Babies campaign I felt inspired to get involved and share my birthing story again as part of a Blog it for babies initiative to raise awareness of the campaign.

But before I post my story here’s a bit of information about the Save the Children Build it for Babies campaign.

In Bangladesh 1 in 19 children don’t live to see their fifth birthday because of limited access to basic healthcare services. This means that preventable diseases are claiming the lives of innocent young children and babies.

Save the Children is appealing for £1 million to build life-saving clinics in some of the poorest and remotest areas of Bangladesh.

The clinics will reach:

  • 21,500 women of child-bearing age with family planning services
  • 3,000 pregnant women with antenatal care
  • 2,190 newborn babies with postnatal care, breastfeeding support for their mothers and antibiotics when they become ill
  • 2,218 infants aged up to one year, by helping their mothers to breastfeed and wean them safely and reducing the chance of life-threatening diseases such as diarrhoea and the risk of malnutrition
  • 43,600 people in the area with information on how to stay healthy and where to get help if they do become ill
Not bad reading is it?! So here’s my stab at raising the profile of the campaign by sharing my birth story…
Below is an extract from my post Oh My God My Baby’s Coming Early posted back on March 14th 2012.

I had to have a c-section due to problems with my hips and back meaning that I may have struggled with a natural birth. It just so happens also that my daughter was breach so it kind of sealed the deal anyway if there had have been any question about it. However what I didn’t bank on was the fact that it would all happen sooner than expected!

At 37 weeks I had an appointment with my consultant who felt that the baby was measuring on the small side so they decided to send me for a growth scan and booked me in for the next day.  At the scan I was told that my amniotic fluid levels appeared low and they were concerned about the blood supply from the placenta as this also appeared low. I was asked to go along to the day assessment unit straight away for a CTG (listen to the baby’s heart beat), the results of which luckily came back fine.

I was booked in to see the consultant again the next morning and when we arrived he had a chat to us and said he didn’t think there was any immediate serious concern but since the baby was measuring on the small side and I had just hit 37 weeks he felt it better to be safe than sorry and that we should just get her out. He picked up the phone to check availability for a c-section the next week and I suddenly then heard him say “tomorrow? yes sure”. He put the phone down and said “How does tomorrow first thing sound?” I immediately laughed in a rather hysterical manner and looked at the midwife in the room, I genuinely thought he was joking but from the blank and serious expressions staring back at me I soon learned he wasn’t!

With an appointment scheduled and a shake of the hands my husband and I left the room in a state of shock, I’d been expecting to have at least another couple of weeks on maternity and hadn’t long been finished work. However it seemed my little girl was going to make an early appearance! We were sent back along to the day assessment unit for my bloods to be taken and consent forms to be signed etc. The ladies were lovely and made us feel at ease, even making us a cuppa! After an hour or so we were done and dusted and headed out to prepare ourselves for what was about to happen. I did in fact spend the whole day in a bewildered and hysterical state of shock and fear, rushing to prepare for the arrival of my little girl the following day!

That night I just couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking of the fact that the next day I was undergoing major surgery let alone about to become a mum! I suddenly started panicking about what if something went wrong and started muttering about not having a will to my husband and what I wanted to happen! I’ve had several operations on my hips over the years but not for quite some time and I suddenly felt very vulnerable. I don’t think my behaviour put him entirely at ease but I felt I needed to express these things!

The next day after a restless nights sleep and being nil by mouth from the early hours I headed to the hospital. I was greeted by a lovely nurse called Claire, she showed me to our recovery suite and helped me settle in. She was lovely, so calm, so friendly, instantly made me feel at ease. All the necessary checks were done and we were left to sit and wait until the theatre was ready. We were first in but we had to wait until an emergency c-section was completed so we ended up being called a little later than expected. It seemed like an eternity! I can’t even recall how we passed the time!

Once we finally got the nod hubby was dressed in his scrubs and a final bump pic was taken for good measure. I had my pre-med done and the  lovely hospital gown donned! I was walked down to the theatre, bare bottom showing to all, to have my spinal put in and was shaking like a leaf! However the fabulous team that met me again instantly put me at ease. I just remember a lovely calming voice of a Scottish nurse and a really friendly anaesthetist, they were like a welcoming committee and chatted to me and really relaxed me totally. The only one freaky moment was the fact that I almost lost consciousness as they were putting my spinal in, I kept telling them I didn’t want to go to sleep and I was going to sleep and then I started to keel over so they grabbed me and laid me down quickly and I came back round. Turns out I had a slight dip in my blood pressure but it corrected itself (freaky though!) Once I was settled they brought my husband in and he sat by me at the top of the bed. The large sheet shield went up and neither of us could see anything. A nurse sat with us at the top end talking to us, as did the anaesthetist, it was all very jolly and surreal. My husband tells me that they hit play on a CD player and David Bowie’s “Changes” came on. I began to feel a bit of tugging and pulling but nothing too bad and then suddenly at 10.09am I heard a cry, it was my baby girl, MY baby girl, I was a mum! They hit stop on the CD player, it had all taken less than the time the track had taken to play out! Incredible! My little girl was wrapped in a blanket and handed to my husband who sat with her against my shoulder. We both just sat in utter amazement staring at our daughter, all the tiny 5lb of her! It took a further 40 mins or so for me to be sewn up and all I can remember is at one point my legs being lifted in the air, I could see them rise above the sheet that had been put up but couldn’t feel them, it was surreal, it was like one of those magic acts where body parts suddenly become separated from one another. I just looked at hubby and in a rather slurred voice said “are those my legs?” to which he started laughing and that in turn made me laugh too!

After around 20 / 30 mins my husband was taken back to our recovery suite by Claire with our daughter so she could be checked over, weighed, cleaned and dressed. By the time I was wheeled back round hubby was sat holding our little girl. It was then that I got my first chance to hold our daughter, skin to skin and try her on the breast, It was an amazing experience! Do I wish I could have held her instantly? Yes. Do I feel I lost out though? No. I still got my moment with my little girl and the important thing was that she was safe and I was safe.

The rest of the day admittedly is a bit of a blur… the drugs were great! ha ha! I remember being brought tea and toast quite soon after coming back to my room and my husband standing holding our little girl as we listened to screams coming from down the corridor. We joked that it was all quite quick and painless really! We spent a few hours in the recovery suite before being wheeled to the labour ward at around 4pm. The flurry of family started, the first being my proud mum and dad to welcome their first grandchild, followed by my sister and her husband and my best friend and a family friend. Our inlaws arrived the following afternoon after a mad dash back from France and they were over the moon!

The first day I didn’t feel much pain but over the next few days I was very uncomfortable, I take strong pain killers anyway for my back and hip so what they were giving me wasn’t doing a thing and I had to ask for something stronger. I don’t think I expected it to hurt as much as it did, every day I was in agony and smiled through the visitors before finally bursting into floods of tears when they left. I think the first night was the hardest, I had the crib laid next to me and could hear my daughter being a little sick, it sounded like she was choking and freaked me out. I was in such agony I couldn’t move to get to her and had to buzz the nurse to come and het her for me. I didn’t like that! However the next night was easier and the electric adjustable beds were a god send! It was quite hilarious watching myself and the girl I was on the bay with taking it in turns through the night to raise up and down like something from Dracula!

When they first got me up out of bed it was horrible. The stitches felt so tight I literally couldn’t stand up straight! I begged the healthcare assistant to stay in the bathroom for me… dignity out of the window! I think I was disillusioned too as I didn’t think I would bleed as much having had a c section… naive! I actually stayed in hospital for 5 days to get my pain under control. I know many women who have been out in 2-3 days no problem and with little pain, but this was just my experience and I felt comfortable knowing I had help close by. Having spent those 5 days in hospital I had got a good handle on looking after my daughter and excellent support breastfeeding so felt comfortable on returning home.

Reading this back it makes me realise what quick, life saving action was taken for my little girl and what fantastic support I had from the staff at the hospital, from the minute I arrived to the minute I left. Women in Bangladesh aren’t as lucky as we are but with the support of Save the Children’s Build it for Babies campaign more support than ever before and life saving action can be taken for these mothers and mothers to be. What’s good too is the fact that we can help make this difference, by spreading the word, raising the profile and encouraging people to support the campaign.
If this has inspired you to support the campaign, you can do so in a number of ways:

Potty Tales

I recently posted Oh My Lord What Just Happened?! my post into my first potty experience with my little girl. Since this post I haven’t pushed the potty issue, I have occasionally asked her if she wanted a wee wee in the potty and have had a mixed response, sometimes a shake of the head and sometimes a nod.

Yesterday at grandma and grandad’s house my little girl found her potty that my mum had bought for her and went over to take a look. I asked her if she wanted to use it and she nodded so we sat her down and waited but nothing happened, after a few minutes it was nappy back on and back to play. An hour or so later she revisited the potty so I asked her again and she again said yes. This time we had success and my parents were very excited. However there is one thing I didn’t bank on!….



We’ve been making a psssss sound when she sits on the potty.


I did not think about my daughter repeating this…

She’s now walking around saying … yes you’ve go it… “pissssss pisssss pissss”

In  my daughter’s words “Uh oh!”

I am linking this in with the lovely Actually Mummy’s Wot So Funee linky this week. If you have something funny to share why not link in too?

Wot So Funee?

ONE Thrive: Food.Farming.Future Campaign

Last week I received a message from the lovely Mummy From the Heart regarding a new campaign called ONE Thrive: Food.Farming.Future. It’s being run by, a grass roots campaigning and advocacy organisation that is giving a voice to those that are not heard at the moment, and for whom Mummy From the Heart is a mum ambassador.

The campaign, which will run until 2015, calls on each of us to play our part to break the cycle of hunger and poverty, by tackling the root causes.

Millions of people world wide are locked in a vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. Poverty means parents can’t feed their families the nutritious food they need and this can leave children hungry and malnourished. Malnutrition leads to poor development and shorter, less productive lives, which in turn means less likelihood of escaping poverty and so the cycle starts again.


  • More than a billion people, that’s 1 in 5 of the world’s population (20%), live on less than 79p a day ($1.25), meaning a billion people will go to bed hungry tonight.
  • 178 million children won’t reach their full development potential before their 3rd birthday and as a result their little brains and bodies will never fully recover.

ONE is calling on African leaders, donor governments and the private sector to focus on thirty of the world’s poorest countries that have smart agriculture and nutrition plans, which are tested and affordable, and to put them into practice. These plans could work, but for them to do so they need political leadership and financial backing and the Thrive: Food.Farming.Future campaign is insisting on both.

The aim of the campaign is to use our collective voices and to make a noise to urge leaders to take this action, hoping  that by 2015:

  • We could see 15 million fewer children chronically malnourished
  • and 50 million people lifted out of extreme poverty

As a mother I know I would do anything to help a child who is hungry or in need, no child should ever have to suffer, every child should have love and support and a voice. Many of the children in the world’s poorest countries don’t have a voice so together we can give them one and help save their lives.

How you can help:

  • Sign up and offer your voice to We, the general population, can help them to put pressure on African leaders, donor governments and the private sector. ONE’s strength is its collective action – one plus one plus one quickly adds up to a lion’s roar.
  • Spread the word with a blog post and through other social media - please put a post on your blog and / or share about the ONE Thrive Food.Farming.Future campaign through your other social media outlets. See this Google Doc for some simple information you can use in your post. If you do blog about this then please link back to Mummy From the Heart as the campaign can use her blog post full of linked up posts to show to our Government and influential institutions that there is a strength of opinion in our blogsphere. Our voices count! (Tweet #LetsThrive)
  • And finally Sign the petition

Together we can make a difference! There’s living proof you can watch a great video here

A Mother’s Work Meme

So whilst catching up on my blog reading I came to the lovely’s blog and the wonderful meme that her and Pret-A-Mummy have created entitled A Mother’s Work.

The basis for the Mother’s Work meme being that British society doesn’t value or support mother’s as well as it should. We pay more for childcare than anywhere else in the world, we have poor legislation to support mothers and this combined is discouraging many of us from returning to work or making life extremely hard.

The process is quite simple and the topic so pertinent that I just had to take part so here goes…

What you have to do:

  • Post the rules (see below)
  • Answer the questions in as much or as little detail that suits you.
  • Add your response to A Mother’s Work Meme Linky so they can keep track of the linky
  • Tag three people and link to them on your blog
  • Let them know you tagged them
  • Tweet about taking part #amothersworkmeme


Did you work before becoming a mum?

Yes, I’ve worked full-time from the week I left university until I went on maternity leave to have my little girl, over 11 years consistently, often mega long hours, not always for the recognition or money but I can safely say I’ve worked my little butt off!!!

What is your current situation?

I work part-time but whilst I was on maternity there was a restructure and I currently don’t have a permanent role so am technically slotted into a department and waiting / hoping for something else to come up and for the redundancy letter to not hit the doormat!

Freestyle – Got your own point you’d like to get across on this issue here’s your chance…

I did have a rant about the ongoing battle for a work/life balance in my Mum 101 meme  so have regurgitated a bit of this rant below, with a few added extras!

In my eyes it’s like this, you have a child, expand your family and bring to the world a new generation. An amazing experience but bringing with it a whole new set of challenges.

In the current economic climate a large section of the population are struggling to keep afloat, families are struggling with the increase in fuel and food bills and some are struggling to put meals on the table for the family, others are managing to get by but at a cost. However the modern mum and average family seem to continually be taking a kicking, making a bad situation worse and it’s unbelievable that this is the case in a modern democratic society.

Having had children most are faced with additional challenges and costs of childcare. It’s a double-edged sword though, you often need to go back to work to help pay the bills but by doing so you often end up spending most of your salary on childcare, which contradicts the reason you were going to work in the first place, to bring money in. Here in the UK we pay more for childcare than most countries, it’s crazy! Unless that is you are lucky enough to have family who can share in the responsibility of the childcare with you, which thankfully we are so we split it between the two options.

Even if you have managed to sort that, there’s still the issue of working hours and flexibility. Whilst technically speaking you are meant to have rights as a working parent, in all honesty the likelihood is that the day-to-day reality is much different. It becomes a juggling act to cram work and home life into the day!

I chose to go part time just as I went on maternity as I wanted to be able to spend time with my little girl but also wanted to work and I thought this would give me a balance. I was under no illusion that this would mean we would have to tighten the belt, but we worked out that we could manage and in our eyes I can always return to work full-time once our little girl, and should we be blessed any other children we have are of school age. However with the restructure that happened whilst I was on maternity I now find myself in a position. I technically don’t have a permanent role, opportunities have come up but they are mainly full time and in addition to that mainly shift work positions too. These aren’t suitable alternatives to the role I previously had and would mean problems for childcare and major added cost, which we just can’t afford. So I am having to turn down these opportunities (not that they are in a field or area I have experience in anyway). It’s making me anxious as I am starting to feel a little disposable and if the worst were to happen in the current climate, what else is out there? especially part-time roles too.

I am just trying not to think about it at the minute and focus on the here and now but I can’t help but feel sad that with two degrees and having worked hard and paid my taxes all my life I am in this position, and without any government support for childcare due to the new legislation.

When my mum had me women didn’t have to necessarily go out to work and often remained as stay at home mums, at least until children were of school age, and even then jobs and working hours were more flexible to enable mum’s to do the school run and fit work around their life as a mum. God how I would long for it to be like that again! The situation for the modern mum here in the UK is frankly crap and not only for mums but parents on the whole as it can also affect the quality time they get to spend with their children and as a family (and this surely has further long-term repercussions for society but don’t get me started on that one!).

I can’t see things getting any better in the forseeable future and I truly believe this situation will mean many mums continue to take a new approach… all hail the mumpreneur! Credit to these ladies for doing their own thing and hopefully as a result getting their work-life balance right. I am close to following in their footsteps!

I now tag some of my lovely new Twitter followers to get to know them better:

Emma @ Adventures of an English Mum


Kairen @ Confessions of a Single Mum

My Little Girl is a Member of the Happy Bunny Club!

So this morning my little girl got a fab surprise in the post from the lovely Clara Vulliamy from Sunny Side Up, in the form of her very own membership pack for the Martha and the Bunny Brothers Happy Bunny Club.

She was so excited and eagerly opened the parcel to see what was inside.bunny club

Clara had very kindly sent a lovely card, personally written to my little girl, with an official Martha and the Bunny Brothers Happy Bunny Club certificate, badge, stickers and chocolate bunny.

We immediately had to put the badge on and my little girl proudly walked around the room clutching her card and certificate.

bunny clubIf you haven’t already seen Clara has just launched her new book, “Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School” a wonderful tale of the positive side of going to school with Martha the bunny getting ready for her first day at school. Martha is really excited and deciding what to wear but knows that her bunny brothers are going to miss her lots so she has a brilliant idea!

To find out more why not ‘hop’ on over to Clara’s blog to find out more and sign up to the Happy Bunny Club yourselves

You can also find the book on Amazon

A Very Special #FictionFriday Book Review: Before You Sleep (Benji Bennett)

It’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his #FictionFriday blog hop This week I’ve written a very special review about an adorable book called ‘Before You Sleep’ by a wonderful author called Benji Bennett.

benji bennett

I had the pleasure of meeting Benji recently at a show I was at and he is a fabulous author and father from Ireland with a range of beautiful and enchanting children’s books. I was at the show with my little girl and came across Benji’s stand. I was instantly drawn to the beautifully illustrated and eye catching titles displayed.

I got talking to Benji about his books and learnt that he had written the series of ‘Adam’s Stories’ in memory and celebration of his gorgeous little boy Adam who tragically passed away a few years ago.

Adam was only four when he fell ill whilst on holiday with his family. He had vomited but the family had thought nothing of it as first, believing it to be a tummy bug. However three days later things had not improved, the vomiting was continuing and Adam was admitted to hospital severely dehydrated due to being unable to take and keep down fluids. At hospital he had a seizure and very sadly went into a coma. Further examination and tests discovered that Adam had a very aggressive brain tumour and as a result he had to have an operation but tragically died 24hrs later.

Having visited Benji Bennett’s website Adam’s Cloud I’ve read more about this wonderful little boy and have learnt that Adam was:

“An inspirational, energetic little boy with an abundance of pure innocence and love. His energy, affection and love would brighten the darkest of days by generating a feeling of love, warmth and happiness all around him. Fun, love and happiness with his family and friends was all he knew and this was constantly evident through the excitement and happiness that radiated from his sparkling eyes, accompanied with a mischievous smile and a giddy giggle.”

Adam was taken far too soon and far too young but his parents strongly believe that he was an angel brought to the family for a reason. They believe Adam had been here to help spread the importance of love, laughter and play within the family and the importance of how all children should be told they are loved on a daily basis. His father Benji said:benji bennett

“The simple things in life are free and that’s what matters, you can’t buy the love of a child but it’s this love that’s priceless and puts things into perspective, life’s too short to worry. We were obviously distraught at Adam’s death and the fact that it happened so quickly. However if his life was to mean anything, it would be that every child is told they are loved on a daily basis, especially before going to sleep at night and that happiness and fun and play time becomes a key part of their life.”

benji bennettThe happiness the family had with Adam and their other children helped drive them forward in what ultimately was an awful time in their lives. They decided to seize the opportunity to celebrate Adam and Benji began writing, releasing his feelings and the love he had for his son. I guess it was his way of grieving in a sense. But the beautiful words he wrote down became much more than that, they grabbed the attention of parents across Ireland and his first book ‘Before You Sleep’ was voted ‘Children’s Book of the Year’ at ‘The Irish Book Awards’.

Since then Benji has written several further book’s in the Adam’s stories series, including ‘Adam’s Amazing Space Adventure’, ‘Adam Saves Christmas’, ‘Adam’s Pirate Treasure’ and ‘Adam’s World of Wonders’.

Benji and his wife feel Adam is still very much around them and helping them along the way, especially with the books and this is a driving factor in the ‘Adam’s Stories’ series.

A donation is made from the proceeds of the sale of each book to Barretstown, a charity founded by Paul Newman in 1994 which exists to improve the quality of life of children with serious illness. The Bennett family attended a bereavement group three times over a year with Barretstown and it provided an immense amount of support to them. Jackie, Adam’s mother said:benji bennett

“The groups helped us to celebrate Adam’s life and made us laugh again and feel that we were not alone. They look after you in a happy, supportive and safe environment. You can share experiences with others going through the same things and build life-long friendships and support networks. We can’t thank them enough for the help and guidance they provided to our family. The donation’s provided through Adam’s books means that other families can continue to benefit from the support Barretstown can give.”

Barretstown also have recreational and therapeutic programmes for children who have cancer and their families. The purpose is to rebuild confidence, trust and self-esteem whilst healing emotional scars. To find out more visit the Barretstown website.

As I chatted with Benji I knew I just had to have one of the book’s for my daughter’s collection and realised what a wonderful opportunity it was for me to use my blog to spread the word about the Adam’s series and the importance of letting your child know every day just how much you love them.

So this is hopefully in this post what I am aiming to achieve. Benji is right, life is far too short, a series of things that have happened of late has made me realise this only too much. We have to all seize every opportunity to spend quality time with the ones we love and to tell our children and our loved ones every day just how much we love them.

The book recommended and very kindly given to me by Beni was his first, ‘Before You Sleep’ and I have been reading this with my little girl.

benji bennett

When reading ‘Before You Sleep’ you can feel the warmth and love oozing from the words written by Benji. It’s a collection of short rhymes that combine the concept of love with creative and imaginative fun and adventures.

The book opens with a poignant and beautiful tribute to Adam:

 “To Adam, our sweetheart, with love, hugs and kisses from Mum, Dad, Harry, Robbie and Molly”
“Adam is an angel and lives on a cloud and makes his mummy and daddy so proud. With long golden hair you just could not miss, he always has time for a hug and a kiss. The message he sends from his cloud every day, is to spend more time with each other and play. The most important thing in life’s simply this, show your love for your family with a hug and a kiss.”

If you feel anything like I did then this may bring you close to tears.

The word’s of the story itself begin with “It’s time to sleep but before you go there’s something I really want you to know” and this in itself is also a moving tribute to his beautiful little boy and any much loved child out there. The book takes readers through many enchanting and beautifully illustrated experiences, from a colourful beach scene, building sand castles and a galactic space adventure to the moon and stars to a deep sea and pirate treasure hunting adventure and travelling back in time to the dinosaur and caveman era, before ending with a beautiful image of Adam and his parents, cuddling up to that all important bedtime book and cuddle among the final words, simply, ‘Night, Night, Sleep Tight My Bundle of Joy’.

The words pulled at my heart strings and I felt a small lump in my throat at the end of the read, knowing Adam’s story and the love his family felt for him and how this came across in every word. But also, I felt the fun and creative nature of the Bennett family, as well as an overwhelming sense of love for my own little girl, the reaffirmation of just how much she means to me and how precious every second with her is.

I am so glad I came across Benji’s stall at that show, it almost feels like it was meant to be and that I now have a responsibility (one that I am pleased about) to share Adam’s legacy with my friends and followers. I have no doubt that ‘Before You Sleep’ will become a firm favourite in our household for both me and my daughter and I look forward to buying more of the Adam’s Stories range and seeing the amazing adventures that Adam goes on. The words are beautiful and the illustration, by Roxanne Burchartz of Cartoon Saloon, is just amazing. I would highly recommend the series to anyone. If you want any further proof Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas and Adam Sandler are huge fans of the series too so what better endorsement.

Feel Good Friday #4

Hello and welcome to #FeelGoodFriday! As always the question is simple, what’s made you feel good this week or today in general?

Why not write a post on your blog then link to the lovely Not Just a Mummy’s Feel Good Friday and also back here by posting a comment and a link to the post on your site. Let’s share the feel good factor!

This Friday I feel good because my little girl has taken some huge steps forward this week, with her first potty moment and saying more words, including hi, bye, oh no, bed, baby, bottle and bubble to name a few. It’s amazing to see her changing and growing into a little girl. I am so proud and just in awe of what a gorgeous little girl she is growing into.

I came across this Lenny Kravitz song and the lyrics were perfect so here’s my #FeelGoodFriday song for you all.

Lenny Kravitz – Little girl’s eyes

Lyrics :

All I have And all I do Cannot compare To the love of you

You make me feel alive You are my highest high All I can do is smile When I look in my little girl’s eyes

When I look in my little girl’s eyes (4x)

You’re my star And when I’m far You’re not alone ‘Cause your heart’s my home

You are my biggest prize So beautiful and so wise I can see the woman from within my child When I look in my little girl’s eyes

When I look in my little girl’s eyes (4x)

You make me feel alive And you are my highest high All I want to do when I come into the room is see her smile When I look in my little girl’s eyes

When I look in my little girl’s eyes (4x)

So What Do Women See As The Best Inventions This Century? Lets Find Out

Skipping through the good old Sun newspaper that was left on the desk at work recently I came across an article that really got me thinking.

Pregnancy Test firm Clearblue Plus have conducted a survey to find out what best inventions from the last century women have favoured and it seems practicality by far outweighs leisure breakthrough’s such as the internet and television

Topping the poll of the most favoured invention in the last century was…. “The Pill” with 65% of women seeing it as one of the best inventions. The “bra” and good old “washing machine” also ranked highly in the survey completing the top three! Other items in the top ten included tampons, pregnancy tests, disposable nappies, mascara, jeans, fresh prepared meals and contact lenses.

To read more on the article about the survey click here

Now in my eyes yes there are some great inventions in there, yes I think tampons are an amazing invention and much prefer to towels, yes mascara does make me look a lot more human and yes disposable nappies do save a lot of work (however not always the environment), but would I class them as the best this century has to offer??? It made me think about what I would potentially see as some of the best inventions over the last century.

If I were to pick a top three I think I’d have to sit and think what couldn’t I do without and it would probably be:

My car

I have a disability, bad hips and back and I do struggle, for me my car gives me the freedom to get about door to door without having to walk to and wait at a bus stop. It’s a lifeline for me. In a way however the number of cars on our roads now and the pollution they create may be a bad thing, but for me it’s something I would struggle without. (Please note this of course is my dream car and nowhere near a reality but a girl can dream!)

Mobile phone / Telephone

I love keeping in touch with people, while my other half could gladly never use his phone, for me it’s another lifeline, it’s my social network to my friends and family. Whether it’s calling and speaking in person to have a good old natter or texting to arrange a date or see how someone is, I use my phone on a daily basis and if I ever forget to pick it up I feel lost without it. I also think it’s great to know that should an emergency ever arise you can easily call for help should you need it. All praise the telephone! (Again image is a dream, reality not so close!)

Washing Machine

Ok admittedly who wouldn’t class a washing machine as a fabulous invention!? Would you want to hand wash all your clothes on a daily / weekly basis… erm no thanks! Yes, the washing machine is a saviour, not just to women, but to mankind and would probably be on my list too. (and in fact mine is probably nicer looking than this image, finally!)

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Potty Tales: Oh My Lord What Just Happened???

So as you will see from my post entitled Mummy Poo Poo Wee Wee Argh!!! I am heading for the lovely potty training phase. My little girl has started uttering the immortal words “poo poo” “wee wee” although not always at the exact moment if you get what I mean. Neverthless I thought I should buy the required items so I had them to hand if needed but didn’t expect that to be for quite a while!

pottyI put the potty in my daughter’s room so she could get used to it being around and told her that it was a big girl’s toilet for her to poo poo and wee wee on when she was ready. In the meantime I sat dolly on it and said dolly was having a wee wee. OK I hear you giggling, I don’t know why, I haven’t read any of the chapters on potty training yet and frankly I am clueless! I thought it may be a good idea to show her!

Anyway, after bathtime tonight my little angel walked into her bedroom, removed dolly from the potty and sat down on it. “Oh clever girl are you going to have a wee wee?” I said, not remotely expecting anything, and then to my amazement she nodded and after a few seconds stood up and there was in fact a wee wee!  I was gobsmacked!

Hubby is at work so I was in the house on my own feeling rather over excited at this amazing first that had just happened! I kind of had to celebrate on my own with my daughter looking at her mummy giggling with delight in a rather confused and bewildered manner!

I gave her a huge hug and told her what a clever girl she was and how she had done a big girl thing and we headed downstairs for bottle and CBeebies Bedtime hour.

When we went up to bed after we had brushed our teeth and had a bedtime story I casually said to her “Do you need another wee wee before bed?” Not remotely expecting her to say yes. However she nodded so I said “Do you want to wee wee on the potty?” and she again nodded so I placed her on it and to my astonishment she again went to the toilet on the potty!

I am frankly quite giddy with delight but also freaking out! I am really impressed that she has picked this up with little guidance, but am also now panicking about how I keep this up, what happens when we go out? Oh my god help me!!!

I am in fact off to read that chapter that I have casually skipped over for so long but I really had to share this hysteria with you as I am sat here on my own and cracking up!