Toddler Girl at 3 and a Half

Toddler Girl is now 3 and a half and in fact no longer a toddler really, she’s more my beautiful little girl! I can’t believe how much she has changed and grown in the last 6 months or so.

She’s got such an imagination on her and spends a great deal of time in her own little world, acting out stories and chattering away to herself. Friends, family and the nursery have all commented on what a great imagination she has. You can sit listening and hear a full scenario acted out in great detail! It really wouldn’t surprise me if she goes down some kind of creative, acting route. She loves singing and dancing. She dances around the room to her favourite TV theme tunes and the songs on the Disney and Barbie movies and loves going to ballet.

It’s lovely to see the friendships she is developing too. One of her nursery friends goes to the same ballet class as her and they get so excited when they see each other. At a party for one of her nursery friends recently it was lovely to see her charge around with four of her nursery friends. They were inseparable and having so much fun together. A few weeks later the nursery commented on what good friends they have all become too. It’s lovely to know that she is growing in confidence and developing into such a sociable, lively, fun loving little girl.

We have had the opportunity to trial an online reading programme called Reading Eggs, which we reviewed here on the blog and I have been amazed at how much she has learnt through it. I had been trying for some time to introduce the alphabet but it wasn’t until Reading Eggs that her understanding took off. She can now recognise many letters of the alphabet and even some short words too. It’s amazing to watch her take the next steps in her learning and development. and as she loves books so much I really want to encourage her with this as much as possible.

She can still have some spectacular temper tantrums, but she is slowly growing out of them and learning to do so much for herself. She’s got a caring nature and looks out for her sister, as well as showing real empathy to others. Despite being able to have diva strops she’s quite a sensitive soul at heart and can be quite timid and not overly adventurous but her confidence is growing.


On a night we curl up on her bed to read a story and she asks me if I can lay with her and give her a cuddle after. My heart melts as a cuddle up close to her. I am in awe of what a gorgeous little girl she has become and as I know she is growing up fast I want to savour and capture every moment.

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