She’s Back!

Hello all, yes don’t faint! We are still here! We’ve been offline for a bit to have a bit of a break as life has got very hectic.

I am aware however that I spent a lot of time building this blog up and really don’t want to just let it go so I am making an effort to get back online and start posting again. I am sure it won’t be as regular as it used to be, as like I say life has got a little hectic, but I hope to remain in the blogosphere!

Well what has happened since I last posted in May?

Well baby girl is no longer a baby and toddler girl is definitely far from a toddler so from now on I guess I will refer to them as big sis and little sis!

Little sis is now 18 months old, walking, talking a little and like a force of nature! She is so different to big sis. She climbs on everything, is into everything, has all her toys out and generally has no fear! The amount of walk in and hospital visits I have had in the last few months is unbelievable! If there is something to fall over or fall off little sis will definitely do it! I answered the door the other week and she came with me to answer it but tripped and fell on the door frame, there was blood everywhere and after a trip to A&E we were told we had to see a plastic surgeon first thing the next day 20 miles away to determine if the cut on her lip and chin would heal sufficiently or if she would need plastic surgery! Luckily it started to heal overnight and all was ok when we had our consultation the following day. Only yesterday while I was at work she rolled head first down a slide at the local soft play with her grandma and came home with a bruise on her face and a scuff on her nose bless her! Oh and today she fell backwards off the sofa and hit her head on the floor! We seriously need eyes in the back of our head! At a food festival she fell over her own feet and we ended up at the St John’s Ambulance stand to get an ice pack to put on her head! Accident prone isn’t in it but she is so adorable!

She has started saying a few words. Her first a few months ago were “Shoes” and “Barbie” you can tell she has a girly big sis! lol! There’s of course “mummy” and “Daddy” and she knows the cat’s name. In addition there’s “ball”, “car”, “door”, “baby”, “there” and the latest two are “naughty” and today she has said “water”. The fact that she keeps saying “naughty mummy” and “naughty daddy” we can’t help but laugh at!

I don’t want little sis to grow up I really, really don’t, she is at such a funny and cute age. I want to press pause! After having had two children early, one premature and the other on the cusp and with my hips the way they are I know realistically that little sis will be my last and it really is pulling at my heart strings. I hate to say it but I think I am broody and I can’t be! I just can’t!

Big sis has grown up so much and gets more and more beautiful by the day if that is even possible! She is still girly as ever and enjoys ballet as well as weekly swimming lessons now too. She’s a really sociable little thing and I love picking her up from nursery and watching her with all her friends. The only sad things is that all of them are going to be going their separate ways after nursery so she will be making new friends all over again at school but I am sure she will be fine.

Speaking of school big sis is almost at the end of her private nursery life and I feel so sad. I love the nursery she  goes to and she enjoys it so much but with two of them now attending we had to make a financial choice and as she turns 4 in September we have decided to put her in a school nursery to get her used to school life. It has been a really tough decision but as big sis doesn’t do change well we thought it would give her chance to adapt before she starts school the following year. The fact that our nursery fees are double our mortgage also helped make the decision! lol!

Big sis is still doing her Reading Eggs and is really coming on with her knowledge of the alphabet and can now count to 30 too. Her imagination is fabulous too, sometimes so much that we are sure she lives in her own little world!

Me and hubby? Well we are same old same old to be honest. Only change for me is the feeling that I am struggling more with my hips and putting on more weight! lol! The fact that I can’t exercise much and I like my food is having a slight knock on effect on my waistline, which I am not happy about and trying to rectify! lol!

I’ve been putting lots of time and effort into my part time business. I learnt a lot in my first 6 months and am building on my experience and knowledge to try and build my business and get a regular small income that will help boost us as a family. Hence why my blog went a little quiet too.

I think that’s all for now to be honest, just wanted to say hellooooo and that we are still here and thriving! ;-) x

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