4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday My Gorgeous Big Girl! I can’t believe four years have gone by and how much you have grown!

You are developing into such a little lady with a strong personality and your passion for dancing, music, princesses and fairies is greater than ever!

You’re obsessed with Tinkerbell and Frozen and between us we are almost word perfect with most of the Frozen songs! We love dancing round the house together but you often tell me I’m not allowed to sing so I mime the words! lol!

The last year has seen you really develop your independence, you can almost fully dress yourself and certainly know what you want. You are my little drama queen (like mother like daughter some tell me). You are still fussy with your food and can get yourself in a tizz but we are working through things and I know that you are actually just learning who you are and how to manage your feelings and emotions and as your mummy I am here to help you through this.

We’ve had two holidays this year to Centre Parcs and The Lake District and you’ve had great fun splashing around in the swimming pools with your sister and visiting attractions like the Beatrix Potter Exhibition and the Lakeland Aquarium. You were also a Princess for the Day and loved making your own Princess wand and Mirror. We also spent a few days with family and you had great fun building sandcastles on the beach with your sister, as well as following a princess story in one of the castles we visited. You asked mummy and daddy to tell you it over and over again for days.


You still love reading and our book collection is growing rapidly, along with our Disney and Barbie DVD’s! You’ve also started swimming lessons and moved up in your ballet class and have developed some lovely friendships in these lessons, as well as at nursery. We have had some fun birthday parties over the last few months (a few with the Frozen theme! Including your own!)


Mummy decided to have a quieter birthday affair this year so we invited some of your closest nursery friends for a Frozen themed Princess Tea Party. It was a lovely day (if a little cramped in our house) and quite poignant as it was a last get together with your nursery friends as you have now moved to pre-school.

Mummy found it such a hard decision to send you to pre-school but felt it the best for you in the long run to help you settle into a school environment and wearing a uniform and so far you seem to be doing well. I was so upset that you were leaving your nursery friends behind, however none of you were going to the same schools anyway so I am hoping that you will forge some new friendships as you are a very sociable little thing and I am sure you will.

I just can’t believe how much you are growing up and having you at pre-school every morning now has made me realise how much I am going to miss our days together when you are at school so we will be making the most of this next year!

I love you my gorgeous big girl xxx


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